Monday 3 August 2015

Press Release: BioLargo Expands Research Expertise to Scale-Up and Enhance AOS Technology Applications

Press Release:  SANTA ANA, CA – August 3, 2015 – BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) announced today that it has hired three talented researchers to scale-up and enhance its current AOS technology. Dr. Ahmed Moustafa, Dr. Michael Gaultois, and Mr. Alex Evans have joined BioLargo’s Canadian subsidiary BioLargo Water Inc. and bring a vast amount of expertise to its Canadian research capabilities. Impressive and reproducible water treatment results, combined with a surge in awarded Canadian research and development grant funding, have now poised the AOS technology for scale-up and further performance enhancement.
Dr. Ahmed Moustafa is spearheading the design of a scaled up AOS unit to validate performance at industrial scale. Dr. Moustafa is a former Fulbright Scholar and brings a superb skillset to the team, drawing on a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, a Master’s in Water Resources Engineering, as well as a Master’s in Environmental Engineering. His expertise will allow BioLargo to transition and demonstrate the AOS technology’s capabilities for large-scale water treatment applications.
Dr. Michael Gaultois will be collaborating this fall with BioLargo on AOS reactor and experimental design, as well as consulting on physical and materials chemistry. Dr. Gaultois is a former Fulbright Scholar and has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, specific to new functional material design and characterization, as well as a MSc in Chemistry. He currently conducts research via a European Union Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship at the University of Cambridge, UK. His expertise will be used to further refine and enhance the performance of the AOS technology’s filter materials.
Alex Evans is assisting with initiatives that expand the disinfection capabilities of the AOS technology. His expertise stems from a Master of Science with Specialization in Microbiology and Biotechnology, in which his focus was bacterial adaptation to stress. Mr. Evans’ research into the anti viral activities of  AOS will allow BioLargo to widen the scope of the AOS technology’s disinfection applications.

The collaborative research ongoing in our Canadian subsidiary BioLargo Water Inc. has been recognized by other researchers as having “unprecedented” disinfection. The AOS Filter combines iodine, water filter materials and electrolysis within a water filter device, generating extremely high oxidation potential in order to eliminate, soluble organic contaminants that are commonly found in many types of contaminated water.  It has been shown to achieve extremely high rates of disinfection, eliminating infectious biological pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli in water.

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