Wednesday 28 September 2022

BioLargo Launches New Website To Highlight PFAS Mitigation Solutions

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BioLargo, Inc., developer of innovative cleantech technologies that target tough water and air contamination challenges, has launched a new website to promote its line of systems and services that tackle water contaminated by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The company also announced that it will be available to discuss its PFAS mitigation tools with prospective customers and distributors at the upcoming WEFTEC conference and trade show in New Orleans from October 8-12, 2022.

PFAS are an expansive class of man-made chemicals that contaminate thousands of drinking water sources around the US, with links to numerous negative health effects including cancer, hormone dysfunction, developmental disorders, and more. Due to their extremely stable chemical structure, PFAS do not break down naturally in the environment or in humans, causing them to bioaccumulate and inflict health impacts slowly over time. Another consequence of their stability is that there are few effective tools for removing them from water and wastewater.

BioLargo developed its own treatment technology to remove PFAS from water and started the commercialization process last October. Its system, called the Aqueous Electrostatic Concentrator (AEC), works by separating PFAS compounds in an electric field and depositing them onto proprietary membranes. It has been proven to remove a wide number of PFAS compounds to below the level of detection, consuming as little as 30 cents per 1,000 gallons in electricity costs. Crucially, the AEC generates as little as 1/1000 the PFAS-laden solid waste compared to other treatment options like carbon filtration and ion exchange, making it a low-carbon treatment option for eco-conscious treatment operations.

BioLargo’s new website,, highlights the AEC and BioLargo’s other PFAS mitigation solutions, including its PFAS testing program (a way to quickly and affordably determine a site’s PFAS contamination levels and appropriate treatment solutions). It also offers insights into its broader environmental engineering and system integration services.

The website aims to become an educational resource for industry users by hosting educational articles on PFAS contamination, which is an ever-evolving issue with complex regulatory and techno-economic considerations that shift nearly every week.

“Our goal is to become a resource for those facing PFAS issues,” says Tonya Chandler, Director of Commercialization for BioLargo, Inc. “The landscape of PFAS regulations and mitigation technologies changes day by day. We wanted to offer a place where the industry could learn more about PFAS and how to remove it.”

BioLargo staff will be attending WEFTEC, the foremost water and wastewater sector conference and trade show in New Orleans from October 8-12, 2022. They will be available to discuss PFAS, the AEC and the company’s other solutions . Interested parties in attendance are encouraged to reach out to BioLargo to arrange meetings using the following contact information:

Tonya Chandler, Director of Commercialization
Phone: +1-608-397-8301

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Clean Air Through Clean Tech: Meet This Environmental Guardian (Benzinga Interview)

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Dennis Calvert, CEO of BioLargo, Inc. (BLGO), was a guest on Benzinga’s All Access on September 12, 2022 .

BioLargo is an environmental engineering and solutions provider. The company develops, and commercializes innovative platform technologies to solve challenging environmental problems like PFAS contamination, advanced water and wastewater treatment, industrial odor and VOC control, air quality control, and infection control.

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