Saturday 13 February 2016

Cupridyne Clean Offers Unsurpassed Fragrance Free Odor Control for Industrial Clients

Another great product by BioLargo and its subsidiary Odor-No-More, Inc.  

Unsurpassed Fragrance Free Odor Control 

Proven, award winning technology, previously only available to the US Government and livestock industry, now available to industrial clients.

Due to the success our products have had controlling odors for all branches of the military and within the livestock industry the next logical step is to offer a product for use on the most offensive odors we deal with in our day to day lives…waste related odors.

Regardless of our clients current infrastructure we offer a product solution for waste handling facilities that is easily integrated into current odor management practices.

Concentrated and ready to use liquids, powders and hydrogels, we have the product and application method that is ready to serve your odor control needs.   Our Customers LOVE IT!