Tuesday 18 August 2015

BioLargo Concludes 1st Annual Technical Symposium Highlighting Research Results for its AOS Filter- The Lowest Cost and Highest Impact Clean Water Technology

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What a great TEAM and amazing work!   Our 1st Annual Technical Symposium was... simply awesome.

Stay tuned for more important developments!

Dennis P. Calvert
President & CEO
BioLargo, Inc.

Press Release: 

BioLargo Concludes 1st Annual Technical Symposium Highlighting Research Results for its AOS Filter- The Lowest Cost and Highest Impact Clean Water Technology

SANTA ANA, CA – BioLargo, Inc. – August 25, 2015 – (OTCQB: BLGO) announced today that it had conducted its first annual confidential technical symposium August 17th at its laboratory on the Universityof Alberta campus in Edmonton Canada.  Over 30 individuals representing a wide range of interested stakeholder groups including science, research, academia, industry, engineering, federal and provincial funding agencies, investment professionals and a leading global philanthropic organization attended. BioLargo 
Agri-Food Discovery Place
University of Alberta scientists presented results of experiments and studies validating the company’s technical claims that the AOS Filter is less than 1/20th the cost of the nearest technical competitor, at greater than 100 times the efficacy (disinfection), and more than 10 times faster. Researchers presented confirmation of more than 100 studies replicating these findings, demonstrating the AOS Filter’s important role and high value in just about every segment of the global water industry estimated at $350 billion annually. 
Independent researchers refer to the AOS Filters disinfection rates of performance as “unprecedented”. The AOS Filter combines iodine, water filter materials and electrolysis within a flow-through water filter device, generating extremely high oxidation that eliminates soluble organic contaminants that are commonly found in many types of contaminated water. Studies prove extremely high rates of disinfection, eliminating infectious biological pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli in water.
Symposium attendees were able to see multiple working AOS Filters, including a design of sufficient scale designed to serve the poultry processing industry.

Richard Smith PhD
AOS Demonstration
Richard Smith, President of BioLargo Water commented, “We have assembled an extraordinary team of professional researchers and the interest and excitement in our technology is expanding rapidly.  We have a number of new scientific collaborations, additional research funding commitments to announce in the near future.  We are exceedingly grateful for the continued financial support from various federal, provincial and industrial sponsors.” 

Dennis P. Calvert, President& CEO of BioLargo commented, “The numerous scientific studies at the University of Alberta have established that BioLargo has developed the world’s highest impact, lowest cost, fastest acting water technology for disinfection and decontamination of wastewater from any source.”

Team Meeting! 

Kenneth Reay Code
Dennis P. Calvert

Ahmed Mustafa PhD
Wesley Larsen PE
Bruce Evans - Professional Investor

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