Thursday 13 October 2022

BioLargo’s WEFTEC 2022 Recap

As WEFTEC week comes to close, we reflect on the success of this important conference this year. The BioLargo team came out in force, showing off our sustainable PFAS treatment technology, our cost-effective, low-energy wastewater disinfection and micropollutant removal technology the AOS, and our industry-leading odor and VOC control products.

Our room at the conference hosted an endless stream of technical experts, sales reps, engineers, and other conference attendees, each of whom checked out the demo units for our water treatment technologies!

Representatives from the EPA, which is hard at work shaping regulations for PFAS contaminated water, came to check out and discuss our innovative low-waste PFAS system. We gave interviews for several water sector media outlets including GWI and Water Online (which will be available soon!). We also received verbal commitments from multiple sales representative groups interested in carrying our treatment systems.

A special shout-out to our partners at Garratt-Callahan, with whom we are co-commercializing a new Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) wastewater treatment system. We had some great and promising strategy meetings surrounding our customer roll-out plans for this technology at the conference, and we’re more excited than ever for the prospects of this partnership.

Thank you to the hard-working WEFTEC staff for putting on such an excellent event this year. It truly is the best opportunity to develop all-important relationships and advance strategic goals in the water sector.

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