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BioLargo's Odor-No-More Featured in Manufacturing Magazine "Company Week" Article

Last month, our industrial odor control subsidiary Odor-No-More was featured in an article published in the manufacturing sector magazine "Company Week"! The link to the full article can be viewed free-of-charge at their website here: https://companyweek.com/company-profile/odor-no-more/california.

The article showcases Odor-No-More's top performing industrial odor and volatile organic compound "VOC" control product, CupriDyne Clean, which is rapidly finding market adoption in the solid waste handling and waste water markets.

Read the article by Company Week below:


Odor No More

by Dan Sanchez on February 18, 2018, 11:10 am MST www.odornomore.com
Tustin, California
Founded 2009
Corporate Owned
Employees: Core 7, Scientists 15
Industry: Bioscience
Products: Biological Odor & Moisture Control

The science and technology company helps manufacturers deal with California’s strict regulations on Volatile Organic Compounds and more.

With a 40-year history in the horse and livestock industry, company president Joe Provenzano identified a need for better odor mitigation early in his career. "We found Ken Code, a scientist who developed an environmentally safe way to eliminate odors, and Odor No More was created", say Provenzano. "Odor No More is a manufacturing company that is a subsidiary of BioLargo Inc. which started in 2002 and acquired the CupriDyne technology from Ken. He became a principal in the business and Chief Science Officer," added Provenzano. "We’ve expanded the science into other areas such as clean air, clean water, and disinfection. Odor No More was the first subsidiary company created by BioLargo and is the only one that manufacturers a product."

Source: Company Week
Provenzano is also the VP of Operations at BioLargo Inc. and says that most odor control products only mask odors, but their product eliminates them with a proprietary, environmentally safe method of oxidation. "Odor management is big in the livestock, waste management, and recycling industries," says Provenzano. "As a result of our pet and livestock products, we were asked to come into the industrial odor control business by leaders in the solid waste industry. We formulated new products to handle odors in municipal solid waste, composting facilities, liquid waste, and the recycling industry. Any manufacturer who produces VOCs and/or odors as a byproduct of their manufacturing process, no matter what the product is, can utilize our CupriDyne Clean products to eliminate odors in an environmentally safe manner."

Odor-No-More President Joe Provenzano. Source: Company Week

The company is very protective of its technology that utilizes safe and eco-friendly ingredients. Many of the materials are also used for BioLargo’s other companies and products. "We manufacturer in our Westminster, California facility, and most of our raw materials are available in the U.S. We have multiple platform technologies, and variations of technologies, where we use all of our ingredients."

According to Provenzano, the market for odor management is growing, so at the company’s core are scientists that have developed various products, some that are used by the U.S. military, purchased through the Defense Logistics Agency and other GOV entities. "At our core, we’re a science and technology company," says Provenzano. "We have a suite of patents surrounding our technologies and as a result, we’ve developed lots of products sold by other companies and even the military. If it is not top performing, it never leaves our building. Our focus is on environmentally conscious products that are good for people, good for plants, and the planet."

Finding the right manufacturing talent people to work can be difficult, but the company wants to pass on its understanding of their technologies to future generations. "Odor No More’s manufacturing team is based at the Westminster, California plant, but most of our science team works in other laboratories located in Canada and our engineering facilities located in Tennessee," says Provenzano. "While most of our scientists come from PhD. programs, we use interns and environmental researchers. We participate in a variety of scholarship programs by providing funding, and ultimately want to create a pool of young scientists, who understand and embrace our goal for environmentally safe products that work."

Needs: "Our limitations are that we’re a small business, limited by manpower, time, and money," says Provenzano. "We need more feet on the street. staff and more feet on the street. There are many industries off the beaten path but still in need of our products that we aren't reaching."

Challenges: "Companies that have needed odor control have been disappointed by products that have over-promised and under-delivered," says Provenzano. "We’re able to deliver a product that actually works and is more cost-effective than any other competitor. In some cases were ten times cheaper than some competing products. We have to overcome industry beliefs that nothing really works to eliminate odors. The products they’ve used only cover it up. Once we jump over that hurdle, we can show our validation at efficiency and our safety profile. We’ve done that most all types of waste handling facilities and continue our efforts everyday."

Source: Company Week

Friday, 9 March 2018

See BioLargo LD Micro Presentation Here at Our Blog!

BioLargo LD Micro 3-8-2018 Commercialization Update from Dennis Calvert

Here you can view the LD Micro Presentation that BioLargo CEO Dennis Calvert delivered yesterday, March 8th. We relish the opportunity to allow all our stakeholders, stockholders, and followers to view this presentation in high resolution directly here at our blog.

You can also view the presentation, with audio of Dennis' explanation, at LD Micro's online hosting here:  http://www.investorcalendar.com/console/conference/?id=26651.

Dennis Calvert Returns to Uptick Newswire's Stock Day Podcast to Discuss Business Strategy and Commercial Progress

BioLargo President and CEO Dennis Calvert appeared yesterday (March 8th) on Uptick Newswire's Stock Day Podcast with Everett Jolly to inform listeners of the company's recent market advancements for the sales of its odor control product CupriDyne Clean (www.cupridyne.com) and service contracts for its engineering subsidiary BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies (BLEST) (www.biolargoengineering.com).

Highlights of the interview include:
  • The 170% increase in revenues from sales of its CupriDyne Clean from the first quarter of 2017 to the third quarter of 2017. Fourth quarter results are not yet public.
  • Odor-No-More has secured national purchasing agreements (NPAs) with three of the largest solid waste management companies in the United States for its CupriDyne Clean product. This will play a big role in the product's growth in the coming months.
  • The addition of BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies to BioLargo provides professional services to third party clients as well as to CupriDyne Clean customers. This synergy will lead to increased growth for both business units.
  • BioLargo management is narrowing the company’s focus to capitalize on immediate opportunities to move towards positive cash flow.
To listen to the full interview, click the play button above, or go to Uptick Newswire here: https://upticknewswire.com/featured-interview-ceo-dennis-calvert-of-biolargo-inc-otcqb-blgo-2/.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

The Path Forward

Dear Stockholders,

I am writing to provide insights on what initiatives we at BioLargo are taking to grow our company and achieve a positive cash flow, and to assure you that we are excited about this next growth phase of our company.

Before we dig in, let me remind you that we soon expect to publish our Annual Report on Form 10-K. The comments I write in this memo are by definition “forward looking statements” and must be considered in light of the public disclosures we file with the SEC (Link Here), including warnings not to rely on these statements without considering the entire body of the disclosures in our public filings.

I welcome any of you to ask me questions directly (Dennis.Calvert@BioLargo.com). However, for this memo, let’s focus on the three most common questions we get regarding BioLargo’s current progress.

Question 1: What is the plan to get the company to positive cash flow?

This is an easy one. In the near term, we believe that we will achieve positive cash flow from:
  • Sales of our industrial odor control product, CupriDyne Clean, and;
  • Services sold by our engineering subsidiary, BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies (BLEST).
Our progress suggests this may occur sooner than you might think. How can this be? Let me explain:

The first reason is Odor-No-More, Inc., which sells the top-performing industrial odor control product in the market, CupriDyne Clean (www.CupriDyne.com). Its customers now include some of the largest companies in the solid waste handling industry, who can testify to the benefits of our products. We have momentum with this product, and consequently CupriDyne Clean is spreading quickly to new locations.

We are executing a simple formula, and it works. We: 
  • Deliver the #1 performing product
  • Save the customer 25% - 50%
  • Target large customers that can expand the use of our products across the country
That’s it. And it’s working. Our sales are climbing, and we have added and will be adding additional sales staff to serve our growing national customer base.

Here are a few recent examples to help illustrate how this winning formula is working for BioLargo:
  • We recently began servicing a transfer station for one of our national customers.  Within weeks, this location re-ordered product more than ten times, and sales have already exceeded $20K from that single location. This customer has asked our engineering team to quote a build-out of delivery systems to deploy our product at every touch point in the 300,000 square feet facility.  
  • We have been asked by a local wastewater agency to design, build and install a system to use CupriDyne Clean for odor control all around their large facility.
  • One of our national accounts has asked us to meet with its regional VPs to demonstrate CupriDyne Clean for the purpose of expanding sales to the company’s facilities around the country. Our three national accounts represent more than 1,500 potential customer locations. 
As you can see, Odor-No-More is thriving, and CupriDyne Clean sales are climbing. We are hiring people and ramping up our efforts to capitalize on the many opportunities.

In addition to Odor-No-More, we expect our engineering services subsidiary, BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies, LLC (BLEST) (www.BioLargoEngineering.com), to reach positive cash flow in 2018. Only four months old, this business is already serving a growing number of clients, and is bidding on multiple larger opportunities. As a reminder, BLEST is our environmental engineering subsidiary comprised of industry veteran engineers with a combined 200+ years of experience.

Crucially, these two business units are synergistic. We have already had odor control clients request quotes for the build-out of various systems by our engineering subsidiary, and we’ve had engineering clients request quotes for CupriDyne Clean.

Together, we are confident that these two business units alone will carry us to positive cash flow. Although we’re 100% focused on increasing sales for both our CupriDyne Clean products and engineering services, our research and development team is hard at work getting our other two business units to a commercial state.

To supplement our cash needs in the meantime, we entered into a common stock purchase agreement with Lincoln Park Capital, whereby we can direct Lincoln Park to purchase up to $10 million of our common stock over a three year period (ending in August 2020). The details of the transaction with Lincoln Park can be found in our Form 8-K filing (click here). 

Question 2:  How is the commercialization of your water and medical technologies coming along? 

We are hard at work preparing our medical products and AOS technology for commercialization through our subsidiaries Clyra Medical and BioLargo Water. These represent large opportunities for explosive growth but require more time and development than Odor-No-More or BLEST.

Clyra Medical is ready to execute on its business plan as soon as it gets its regulatory clearance to proceed. Once clearance is obtained, it will be ready to go commercial and capitalize itself quickly. This subsidiary has a bright future and is looking at a myriad of business opportunities that will unfold. Clyra presents a dynamic opportunity to increase the value of our company. 

BioLargo Water, Inc. made great progress in 2017 in the development of its revolutionary AOS technology. Some of this progress was featured in a report published by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), confirming that the AOS performs with high efficacy and lower input costs than incumbent technologies (report found here). Our scale-up plan, orchestrated by our engineering subsidiary BLEST, is underway, and we believe it will be ready for small industrial-scale sales in late 2018 or early 2019. 

How do we intend to monetize the AOS in the meantime?

As part of our strategy, we are pursuing multiple large public funding opportunities, direct outside investment, partnerships, and licensure. We are proud that our water division has been supported by more than 55 grants (and counting) from public funding agencies.

Question 3: Is the company spread too thin?

Yes, we recognize that our limited resources are being split by our varied opportunities, and we are addressing it. We have an ongoing initiative to tighten up our operations to preserve cash and divert resources to immediate growth opportunities. 

We are narrowly focused on obtaining public funding for the water technology to see it through the industry adoption cycle and support the ongoing work required for success.  

We are exploring ways to finance the medical division with a plan to spin it off as soon as it is ready. 

A reminder of where we came from, and where we’re going

When we formed our company, we set out to create powerful and innovative platform technologies for what we believe are some of the most important applications in the world: clean water, clean air, and advanced woundcare. When we started, these technologies were merely ideas fostered by our founder – Ken Code. Now, we’ve amassed a portfolio of patents and functional technologies, and have assembled a highly skilled and credible team of scientists and service engineers to take them to market. 

I can report that our technologies are finding traction and are nearing breakout, and some of our products and service units are already rapidly enjoying market adoption and sales. Serving happy clients makes for good business! 


Dennis P. Calvert
President and CEO
BioLargo, Inc.