Wednesday 28 April 2021

BioLargo/BKT Joint Venture (Odin) Update

Last year, BioLargo formed a joint venture with South Korean wastewater industry leader BKT Co. and its American subsidiary Tomorrow Water to launch BioLargo’s disruptive air quality control products into the Asian market. The joint venture, named Odin, sought to introduce BioLargo’s CupriDyne® Clean odor and VOC eliminator first in South Korea and Vietnam, where industry operators in wastewater treatment, waste handling, and agriculture can benefit greatly from this eco-friendly product’s ability to rapidly eliminate odor-causing compounds and VOCs.

We’re pleased to say the joint venture is making progress. Late last year, Odin moved its headquarters to the Korea Water Cluster in Daegu, a center for high-tech environmental innovation in South Korea.

Recently, the company began manufacturing the product in its new facilities. Odin began highlighting the product and its initial pilot deployments at BKT’s website. You can check that out here (ensure you turn translation on in your browser):

Some images from the post are provided here!

You can also check out Odin’s recently launched product website at:

Pre-treatment facility in Ganghwa livestock manure public treatment facility with Odin applied to  impurities treatment unit (left) and dehydration unit (right)

Uijeongbu Luoyang Water Sarang Park with Odin spraying system applied to the hopper room dehydration cake in the lower part of the arm roll box.

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