Wednesday 3 June 2020

BioLargo CEO Dennis Calvert Sits Down for Interview with TMA BlueTech about "Uncommon Paths to CEO"

BioLargo President & CEO Dennis P. Calvert sat down for an interview with Katarina Jones of TMA BlueTech to discuss "Uncommon Paths to CEO". He offers commentary for young entrepreneurs interested in leadership in technology and innovation.

TMA BlueTech is a leading innovation cluster focused on promoting development and dissemination of science and technology that can protect our water and oceans. BioLargo is proud to be a member of this terrific organization.

Dennis Calvert has been an entrepreneur from age 4!  Some of his thoughts about the keys to running a successful business include:
- Teamwork is critical
- You can’t do it alone, no matter how hard you try
- Find every person’s special gift
- Have passion for what you’re working on

Thanks to interviewer Katarina Jones!  Visit her podcast "Otherwise Insights" to see more of Katarina's work.

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