Thursday 6 December 2018

BioLargo Spotlight: Odor-No-More® Participates in Isle Utilities’ US TAG Events

Last week, BioLargo participated in two events put on by Isle Utilities, Inc., a leading clean tech accelerator group that operates globally in the water, waste, and energy sectors. These events are part of Isle Utilities’ Technology Approval Group (TAG) program, an innovation forum where leading early-adopter end-users, including major municipalities and utility companies, are exposed to innovative technology providers. Only a handful of companies are invited to each event, having been selected through a vote by end-user members.

Isle Utilities consists of a team of scientists, engineers, and industry experts from around the world, and they operate their TAG program in Europe, the US, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, and South Africa. According to their website, Isle Utilities is “an independent technology and innovation consultancy that brings together technical and commercial specialists to facilitate relationships. [Their] team are highly skilled engineers and scientists with extensive and diverse consulting experience”. Their TAG program is well-respected for its ability to identify disruptive new technologies for the water and wastewater sector.

To learn more about the TAG program, watch Isle Utilities’ video:

Isle Utilities has a thorough vetting process to choose companies for utilities to vote on to participate in US TAG events, including a rigorous technical review. This ensures that participating municipalities and utilities are only exposed to the very best innovative technology developers and product suppliers. The fact that BioLargo was invited to participate in TAG events represents important industry recognition of its innovative product CupriDyne® Clean.

BioLargo participated in the San Antonio, TX and Dayton, OH, TAG US events, where decision-makers representing municipal water utilities learned about the company’s disruptive industrial odor and VOC control product, CupriDyne Clean.

Odor-No-More’s Vice President of Industrial Sales AJ Sexton V represented the company. He commented on the events, “The Isle Utilities TAG events were terrific. We presented to over 60 people from regional utilities between the two meetings and had the opportunity to have direct one-on-one discussions with representatives from numerous potential clients. We applaud Isle Utilities for organizing these great events.”

US TAG attendees. Odor-No-More's AJ Sexton is 7th from the left

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