Friday 9 March 2018

Dennis Calvert Returns to Uptick Newswire's Stock Day Podcast to Discuss Business Strategy and Commercial Progress

BioLargo President and CEO Dennis Calvert appeared yesterday (March 8th) on Uptick Newswire's Stock Day Podcast with Everett Jolly to inform listeners of the company's recent market advancements for the sales of its odor control product CupriDyne Clean ( and service contracts for its engineering subsidiary BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies (BLEST) (

Highlights of the interview include:
  • The 170% increase in revenues from sales of its CupriDyne Clean from the first quarter of 2017 to the third quarter of 2017. Fourth quarter results are not yet public.
  • Odor-No-More has secured national purchasing agreements (NPAs) with three of the largest solid waste management companies in the United States for its CupriDyne Clean product. This will play a big role in the product's growth in the coming months.
  • The addition of BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies to BioLargo provides professional services to third party clients as well as to CupriDyne Clean customers. This synergy will lead to increased growth for both business units.
  • BioLargo management is narrowing the company’s focus to capitalize on immediate opportunities to move towards positive cash flow.
To listen to the full interview, click the play button above, or go to Uptick Newswire here:

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