Thursday 29 March 2018

BioLargo Spotlight: BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies (BLEST)

It’s an exciting time at BioLargo. We’re moving fast, and it can be difficult to keep our stockholders and the investing public informed of our progress. In light of this, we will be posting a series of short articles titled “BioLargo Spotlight”, highlighting certain business activities and other important information in between our required SEC filings. Of course, these do not replace our public filings, which contain more complete information than can be delivered in this forum, and thus we urge you to carefully read and rely on those filings for definitive information, and to review our risk factors and caution regarding forward-looking statements. We are optimistic about our business as we work hard to continue to grow and ultimately generate profits for our stockholders.   


If you’re following our company, you know that late last year we formed an engineering subsidiary (BLEST) and acquired a team of experienced engineers and scientists to help commercialize our AOS water treatment system and provide environmental engineering services to outside clients. In a short period of time, the team has engaged roughly a dozen client under contract. Today I am pleased to report that BLEST has been retained to serve as “Owner’s Engineer” for a proposed $687 million integrated biofuels production project to be built on the east coast. The proposed facility would convert hundreds of tons per day of municipal solid wastes and plastics into high-grade fuels and paraffin waxes, while diverting hundreds of thousands of tons of waste from landfills per year. Our initial role in this project is to provide the project’s ownership team with consulting engineering support as the project becomes finalized. BLEST is now under contract to be paid for engineering services rendered for the pre-project phase, and assuming the project moves ahead, we anticipate that our contractual relationship will expand to an important multi-year role in the project’s overall engineering management. We will keep you posted on our progress. We are excited for this win! 

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  1. Waste facilities need recycling services. Onsite Co-generation is a viable concept. Good Luck !