Tuesday 28 November 2017

Uptick Newswire Interview with Dennis Calvert on BioLargo's Growing Commercial Projects

Here at BioLargo, we are always eager to share with the world our progress in our pursuit to make life better with our disruptive technology platforms. Today, BioLargo President and CEO Dennis Calvert joined Uptick Newswire's Everett Jolly for an in-depth interview to examine BioLargo's diverse fruitful commercial activities. A dense and honest interview, it focused on several aspects of the company's evolving business units and burgeoning opportunities, including:
  • BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies (BLEST), our engineering subsidiary that is beginning to win contracts, and simultaneously help commercialize BioLargo's assets.
  • Clyra Medical Technologies' huge commercial prospects - with our advanced wound care product's FDA 510(k) application in review, the product may soon experience rapid growth, as it is seen as great potential market disruptor.
  • CupriDyne Clean sales are growing every month. The industrial odor control market is a sleeping giant that may yield tremendous growth once our product is adopted across all operations of our large corporate customers.
  • BioLargo Water's trade mission to China yielded countless opportunities for our AOS water treatment platform to solve some of China's pressing water challenges, as well as for CupriDyne Clean to tackle the country's enormous clean air and odor control challenges.
  • BioLargo's recent awards at both Uptick Network's "Uppie Awards", and OCTANe OC's High Tech Innovation Awards for our numerous disruptive technologies and business units.
Take your time to listen to Dennis' full interview with Everett Jolly at Uptick Newswire above, or follow the link here!

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