Friday 10 November 2017

BioLargo Water Joins Canadian Trade Mission in China

BioLargo is on the road this week – in a big way. BioLargo, Inc. Director of Business Development Dr. Shan Yong is representing the company on a waste water-focused trade mission in China, funded by NRC-IRAP (National Research Council of Canada). In China, Dr. Yong is promoting BioLargo’s business development interests by seeking piloting opportunities for the company’s disruptive water treatment platform, the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS). She is also advancing discussions for the distribution of BioLargo’s CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator in Chinese markets, which follows the product’s explosive spread across the solid waste handling industry in the US.
Along with 7 other companies, BioLargo was selected by NRC-IRAP for this trade mission from more than 80 companies to explore collaborations with Chinese environment-focused companies and government agencies.

The trade mission is hosted by the Canadian Embassy and Consulate in Beijing and Guangzhou, and Dr. Yong is traveling with other innovative technology companies from Canada, including BQE Water, Protectolite, etc. They have traveled from Beijing to Guangzhou on a 5-day trip and have presented to numerous groups and participated in countless B2B meetings.

BioLargo President and CEO Dennis Calvert commented, “We are privileged to work beside the Canadian IRAP group with our Canadian water company. We believe this trip comes at a perfect time given our recent developmental proof-of-claim results for our AOS and commercial successes of our CupriDyne Clean odor control product. We are also proud to have our commercial opportunities pursued by our talented Dr. Shan Yong in Canada, the US, and in China.”

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