Monday 30 October 2017

Presentation at MWD of Southern California: "Highlights of BioLargo’s Innovation Journey: The Critical Role of Incubators and Accelerators"

BioLargo, Inc. President and CEO Dennis Calvert was honored last week to present at the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California's Agriculture and Industry Relations Committee meeting, where he shared BioLargo's story of collaborating with incubators, accelerators, and academic researchers to achieve its breakthrough results for its AOS technology.

Dennis was honored to share a glimpse of  BioLargo's story to industry thought-leaders at MWD. See for yourself - you can watch Dennis' full presentation here, or follow the link below to view it on MWD's archives!

The first presenter was Wiggs Mendoza, an innovation specialist at MWD who provided an overview of the role of incubators and accelerators for the water industry.

Carlos Gutierrez from Larta Institute spoke at length about their strategy to support innovation and how they do it.

Then Dennis was able to share a glimpse of BioLargo's innovation journey and acknowledge the critical role of its incubators and accelerators like MWD. He is introduced by Vice-Chairman Larry Dick of MWD.

You can also watch the full meeting at the link below, which includes the presentations of Wiggs Mendoza and Carlos Gutierrez!

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