Tuesday 17 October 2017

BioLargo Wins OCTANe OC High Tech Innovation Award!

We announced earlier this year that we were made a finalist for an industry innovation award given by Orange County's premier tech incubator, OCTANe - today we are happy to confirm that BioLargo won a High Tech Innovation award in the category of "Best: Horizontal Disruption"! This is a great honor for our company, and we think it heralds significant growth and adoption of our various innovative technology platforms: our AOS water treatment system, CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator, Clyra Medical Technologies, and the iSAN iodine dosing system.

To learn more about this award, read our press release here! This was the 24th annual OCTANe High Tech Innovation award program, and we are proud to have received this honor.

The award recognizes BioLargo's strength in developing disruptive technology solutions for a wide range of high-growth markets simultaneously. The term "horizontal disruption" denotes a business strategy where a company expands the use of an innovative, disruptive technology to affect (and displace) multiple non-overlapping markets or revenue streams - as opposed to vertical disruption, where a technology is leveraged to own a greater share of a single "vertical" value chain in one market. You can learn more about these concepts here and here!

Some of the other winners of this year's High Tech Innovation Awards included some big names in Southern Californian tech innovation, including HyperX, a juggernaut in computer components and video gaming peripherals.

  • HyperX
  • Alteryx
  • Arbitech
  • MeU CARE
  • CiE Digital Labs
  • Sonendo
  • Swift Engineering
  • Vertos Medical
  • Birch Street Systems

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