Tuesday 8 August 2017

Biolargo (BLGO) Advanced Oxidation System and Commercial Validation Trial Results to Be Showcased at 3rd Annual Technical Symposium

By: Tamarack Advisors

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BioLargo, Inc. (OTC: BLGO), a sustainable science and technology company that has been inventing and validating breakthrough technologies in water treatment, odor control, and advanced wound care for the past 10 years, will be presenting at the 3rd annual technical symposium at the University of Alberta in Edmonton AB.

The company will be speaking about their technology on August 14, 2017, where they will showcase the results of the past year’s commercial validation trials done with what they bill as their “low cost, high impact” water treatment system, the AOS (Advanced Oxidation System). The symposium, which is slated to also feature the commercial designs of the technology, is by invitation only and not open to the public as it is geared towards professionals in both the academic and business spaces.

Dennis Calvert, BioLargo’s CEO, previewed their presentation for the symposium in a recent radio interview by Uptick Newswire. He also discussed the company’s progress in commercializing its industrial odor control products, and provided a brief update on its advanced wound care products that are in the final stages of preparation for 510K applications with the FDA.

Here are the highlights of the Uptick interview and our follow up conversation with Mr. Calvert:

CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator commercial progress:

  Signed three National Purchasing Agreements (NPAs) in the past few months with industry leading companies, that allow it to sell to over 1,000 solid waste handling facilities and landfills. Note that the company has cautioned in their SEC filings that these agreements merely provide “vendor status” authorizing them to sell product to operating facilities with no obligation on the customer’s part to purchase a minimum amount or even any product.
   The company is targeting facilities based on size, location, and product usage (projected monthly product usage ranges from $2,000 - $20,000 are ideal); Calvert noted that the need for odor reduction products decreases at facilities in cold climates during winter months and increases in more highly populated areas.
   “Sales are increasing.” Although Calvert didn’t elaborate during the interview, it’s quarterly report is due mid-August.
   Waste industry executives are relieved to find an odor control product that actually works.
   Although there are over 1,000,000 potential customer locations in the US, the company is focused more narrowly on the solid waste and wastewater handling segments.
   There are approximately 15,000 landfills alone in the United States.

Update on Clyra, Advanced Wound Care:

   Clyra recently completed development of two advanced wound care products;
   The rigorous testing required by the FDA has been successful for the two products;.
   An FDA application under the 90-day “premarket notification” provisions of section 510(k) is expected to be submitted in the coming weeks.
   Renowned wound care expert Dr. Brock Liden presented Clyra’s wound care technology at an international wound care conference in Puerto Rico, highlighting its potential to have a significant impact in wound care as well as potential in other areas of medicine.
        o  Dr. Liden confirmed to conference attendees that independent laboratory testing proves Clyra’s products eliminate the “ESKAPE” pathogens while remaining gentle on skin tissue

Preview of AOS Symposium:

   The BioLargo science team has been testing the AOS on three different real-world wastewaters: dairy wastewater, poultry process water, and municipal secondary effluent.
   Sharing of impressive test results on real world problems by both the executive and science teams.
   Discussion of ongoing and future development of the commercial AOS and scale-up considerations to accommodate high volume industrial uses.
   Various options for AOS treatment train design depending on end-user needs.

Calvert acknowledged the role that public funding played in the technology’s development history, “We have received over 35 grants related to the advancement of this technology. We built a research center at the University of Alberta and currently have more than 20 researchers advancing the AOS.” He continued, “When we present our technology, we are armed with data and credibility supporting a breakthrough technology that has a chance to make an impact all over the world.”

Calvert concluded his remarks to us, “Water is becoming increasingly precious, especially in places that experience chronic or recurring droughts like California. We have developed a low-cost technology that can perform well with some of the most difficult waste streams. We manage the removal and destruction of soluble organic contaminants and we disinfect exceptionally well. The key value proposition is that in certain difficult situations, we are doing something that other technologies cannot do. Our AOS technology is performing at such an incredibly low cost and so effectively, that it represents a leap forward in the way water can be treated.”

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