Monday 31 July 2017

CEO Interview with Uptick Radio Details Commercial Progress

Our President and CEO Dennis Calvert appeared on the Uptick Newswire Stock Day Radio Show late last week to review the company's steadfast march to commercial success. For a direct link to the interview, go here.

If you're pressed for time, here are some of the important points of the interview:

CupriDyne Clean:
  • BioLargo's subsidiary Odor-No-More has signed three national purchasing agreements with leading US solid waste management companies for its CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator in the past few months, paving the way for increased sales.
  • The market is primed by the numerous successful commercial trials CupriDyne Clean has enjoyed with solid waste handling facilities.
  • Sales are climbing.
Industrial Odor Control Market:
  • Huge market for industrial odor control in the US and Canada.
  • There are ~15,000 direct potential landfill customer facilities in the US.
  • Target Customers' purchase volumes can range from ~2-20K each.
Clyra Medical Technologies:
  • The last year saw investment and development wrap up for our disruptive wound care products.
  • Pre-approval testing has been done.
  • On-track for FDA 510K application, in a matter of weeks. 
  • Clyra's wound care products' testing results shown at conference in Puerto Rico by Dr. Brock Liden.
AOS August Symposium:
  • Results will be shown for commercial validation trials done with the Alpha AOS showcased at last year's symposium. These trials were done with industrial poultry wastewater, dairy wastewater, and municipal secondary effluent wastewater.
    • Can't stress enough how important these results will be for commercial adoption!
  • Development process for the AOS commercial prototype will be presented.
  • The AOS is the high-value low-cost solution to very serious problems in the water industry - it hits contaminants that competing technologies cannot, and does it while using shockingly little energy.

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