Friday 5 January 2024

Jan 1, 2024 Interview with CEO Dennis Calvert of BioLargo, Inc. - National Investor Interview


Happy New Year!

And it's an especially happy one for BioLargo and its shareholders, following its first-ever commercial contract for PFAS remediation work in New Jersey.

PFAS, or so-called "Forever chemicals" are in drinking water, ground water and elsewhere the world over and have been estimated to be a multi-TRILLION dollar problem to mitigate in the years to come. 

BioLargo's AEC system has many advantages over current/previous remediation efforts as you will learn in this discussion between Dennis and Chris; and with this first deal under its belt, BioLargo is poised to make a bigger breakthrough into this market in the year ahead.

AND there are many other "moving parts" here with BioLargo as you will hear from a company also responsible--among other things--for the origination of that "Pooph!" pet odor and stain eliminator you've been hearing about all over TV and the Internet! And how about the potential final payday just from that...!!

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