Tuesday 2 February 2021

BioLargo and Garratt-Callahan Team Up for Product Development Project

Westminster, CA – February 2, 2021 – BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO), developer of cutting-edge environmental technologies and a full-service engineering firm, announced that it has teamed up with Garratt-Callahan Company, a national industrial water treatment company, to co-create and develop a wastewater treatment product that will salvage usable water from commercial facilities wastewater streams.

Their mutual concern for the environment and the care and conservation of water make the collaboration between BioLargo and Garratt-Callahan a symbiotic match.  BioLargo’s mission to provide unique disruptive solutions to deliver clean air, clean water and a clean, safe environment combined with Garratt-Callahan’s 116 years of experience and commitment to provide safer water treatment and deliver unrivalled customer service make for a formidable combination.

The shared goal is to design and manufacture a new piece of wastewater treatment equipment centered around a new patented water treatment process developed by Garratt-Callahan to reduce wastewater discharged from commercial facilities. BioLargo’s engineering division (BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies) will design, build and pilot a prototype of the new system. When refined, the two organizations have agreed to offer the system commercially to Garratt-Callahan customers and select BioLargo distributors, with BioLargo serving as the equipment’s ongoing manufacturer. The collaborative team targets having full-scale units in operation in mid to late 2021 or early 2022. Both companies expect strong demand for this product offering among its wastewater treatment customers.

Garratt-Callahan has signed a purchase order with BioLargo to permit work to begin. The two organizations believe this will be the first collaboration of many. Discussions are underway between leaders at both companies regarding the future utilization of BioLargo’s other technology assets to serve their customers’ needs.

President and CEO of BioLargo Dennis P. Calvert commented, “This is a tremendous opportunity for BioLargo and Garratt-Callahan to work together to address customers’ pressing wastewater treatment needs. Garratt-Callahan has a great reputation and history as a reliable and innovative water treatment services company, and they recognized BioLargo as a reliable innovator in the water treatment technology space. This collaboration is a perfect fit with shared corporate values of fairness, honesty and integrity. We believe we will help solve important water treatment challenges that Garratt-Callahan’s customers face. We look forward to sharing more information as the project progresses.”

About Garratt-Callahan

Their products and services are utilized throughout the United States by clients in various commercial and industrial applications, including cooling towers, closed systems, boilers, steam condensate systems, wastewater systems, membrane separation systems and bioaugumentation.

Garratt-Callahan is an Industrial Water Treatment Company. Founded in 1904, G-C has been providing water treatment products and service for over 100 years. We manufacture a complete line of water treatment products to control scale, corrosion and sludge buildup on heat transfer surfaces in steam and hot water boilers and cooling systems.

G-C is dedicated to providing the highest quality products, engineering excellence, and long-term quality service to our customers at a fair price. G-C is a privately owned company that is active in every major market with a wide range of products to treat boiler and cooling water, closed systems, wastewater, and potable water. G-C’s laboratory maintains state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and a staff of skilled and experienced professionals to help diagnose and solve the most difficult water treatment problems. Our quality management system is ISO9001 certified.

G-C is proud of our safety record. We provide instruction, equipment and products to help our customers ensure a safe workplace. Whether your business is a hotel, hospital, food plant, manufacturing plant, or any industrial facility; we can supply the necessary certification for any Federal or State regulations, professional requirements or local codes.

With offices/plants in Burlingame, CA, Farmers Branch, TX, Addison, IL, Atlanta, GA and Edison NJ; G-C will help you prevent water problems with your equipment and facilities.

About BioLargo, Inc.

BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:BLGO) invents, develops, and commercializes innovative platform technologies to solve challenging environmental problems like PFAS contamination, advanced water and wastewater treatment, industrial odor and VOC control, air quality control, and infection control. With over 13 years of extensive R&D, BLGO holds a wide array of issued patents, maintains a robust pipeline of products, and provides full-service environmental engineering. Our peer-reviewed scientific approach allows us to invent or acquire novel technologies and develop them to maturity through our operating subsidiaries. With a keen emphasis on collaborations with academic, municipal, and commercial organizations and associations, BLGO has proven itself with over 80 awarded grants and numerous pilot projects. We monetize through direct sales, recurring service contracts, licensing agreements, strategic joint venture formation and/or the sale of the IP. Several of our technologies are commercially available and are advancing as disrupters in their respective markets. See our website at www.BioLargo.com.

Contact Information

Dennis P. Calvert

President and CEO, BioLargo, Inc.


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