Thursday 15 October 2020

Lorianne Shultz Awarded 2020 NWRI-BioLargo Graduate Fellowship

For many years, BioLargo has sponsored fellowships offered by the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) to graduate students in the US who focus on cutting-edge water research. This $5,000 fellowship recognizes students who research the technical and scientific aspects of advanced water and wastewater treatment.

This year, we are happy to announce that the NWRI-BioLargo Graduate Fellowship has been awarded to Lorianne Shultz, a PhD student at the University of Central Florida. Shultz’s research project, which she is completing in the laboratory of Dr. Titel Jurca, is called “Chlorine Stable Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Remediation of Stubborn Water Pollutants”.

Lorianne Shultz, NWRI-
BioLargo Fellowship winner

Lorianne explained to us the importance of her research, “Pharmaceuticals and personal care products are accumulating in our waterways at alarming rates; this is especially true with the world’s growing population. This issue can be remediated through heterogenous catalytic degradation of these pollutants, a methodology that I believe is commonly overlooked in the water-industry. I was thrilled to receive this fellowship as it helps validate the use of catalytic materials for water-remediation and these funds help me expand this field of research further. I am excited to be working in connection with BioLargo, a company so dedicated to this field and at the forefront of improvement for water treatment systems.”

Dennis P. Calvert, President & CEO of BioLargo, commented, “Shultz’s research goals align well with NWRI’s mission to protect and improve water management in the US, and they also align with BioLargo’s vision of seeking innovative new methods of addressing tough contaminants that threaten the health and safety of people around the world. We are thrilled to sponsor her work, and we are excited to learn from her research.”

NWRI is a 501c3 nonprofit that collaborates with water utilities, regulators, and researchers in innovative ways to help develop new, healthy sources of drinking water. To learn more about NWRI’s graduate fellowship program, go to the NWRI website:

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