Wednesday 20 May 2020

Protecting People from Viruses in Water

Now and in the future, detecting and eliminating bacteria and viruses in water and wastewater may be more important than ever. Broadly, we anticipate global health pandemics will increase the need for new and existing advanced water disinfection technologies.

We’re BioLargo Water and eliminating pathogens and pollution from water is what we do.  

That’s why we’re asking you to consider joining with us by investing in BioLargo Water and our effective, affordable new treatment technology for water disinfection, the Advanced Oxidation System – AOS.

Water and wastewater can be a transmission route for bacteria and viruses.  Our AOS technology offers an effective, affordable, energy-efficient virus disinfection tool for water utilities and private businesses.  In addition, our AOS technology has been proven effective against viruses (as tested with standard virus surrogates), and we intend to help fill new market gaps for highly effective, cost-efficient solutions as they emerge.

Why consider joining us and investing in BioLargo Water and our AOS:

Our system costs less and does more.
Compared to many competing technologies, AOS: (1) costs less to install and operate; (2) allows on-site water recycling and reuse, or safe discharge; (3) eliminates contaminants and pollutants existing systems can’t; (4) hits multiple different contaminant classes with one system, rather than requiring multiple technologies; and, (5) requires less space.

We’re not starting at ground zero.
Since 2015, almost $4 million has been invested on research and development to create the BioLargo Water AOS. Funding has been primarily through industry and government partnerships.

It’s working.
Modular, compact and cost-effective, AOS succeeds where many existing technologies can't. In 2019, at a poultry processing facility pilot project, AOS-treated water met all local water re-use and discharge standards and adhered to standards of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Smart people. Powerful backing.
The BioLargo Water team of Ph.D. scientists and engineers has created a breakthrough product. Now — with the technical support, marketing and finance resources, and more, of our parent company BioLargo, Inc. — AOS stands poised to enter the wastewater market.

BioLargo Water, Inc., is led by an experienced management team with diverse talents and specialties. These exceptionally qualified PhDs and engineers are recognized as industry experts, with 20+ years of executive experience on average.

Please visit the below link and consider joining us by investing in BioLargo Water and together let’s help protect water, and us, from future viruses.

Thank you,
BioLargo Water Team

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