Thursday 13 September 2018

BioLargo Spotlight Blog Post: BioLargo Water’s Science and Engineering Team

Some time ago, we introduced readers of our blog to Kenneth Code, the inventor of BioLargo’s Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) technology as well as BioLargo’s other iodine-based technologies, and gave readers some insight into his vision and his methods. Today we want to introduce the other senior science and engineering team members who are hard at work to drive the development of the AOS towards commercialization. The AOS is a highly innovative and powerful novel technology for cost-efficient water treatment. Understandably, it’s also incredibly complex. It takes a very talented, bold, and tireless group of people to push an technology such as the AOS from the invention phase all the way to piloting and commercialization, and we’re proud to say our crew can easily be described as such.

There are many different aspects to the AOS development project that require diverse skill sets. The AOS is a powerful water disinfection device, and therefore experts in microbiology and disinfection are needed. It also has capabilities in breaking down hard-to-treat organic contaminants, and therefore chemical engineering specialists are needed. It is also a complex electrochemical device, and therefore expertise in cutting-edge electrochemistry is needed. And obviously, the AOS is a dynamic feat of physical design and engineering, and therefore design engineering and fluid dynamics expertise is required. All these facets of the AOS necessitate a very diverse team – and that’s what we have.

Meet the BioLargo Water science and engineering crew:

Richard Smith, PhD – President

Dr. Smith oversees research and development efforts at BioLargo Water. Richard also has over ten years of experience as the Research Development and Industrial Relations Coordinator at the University of Alberta Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences, where he oversaw the administration of grants totaling over $10M. Dr. Smith received an MSc in Veterinary Microbiology, a PhD in Viral Immunopathology from the University of Saskatchewan, and he completed his post­doctoral fellowship in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Alberta. Dr. Smith has over 15 years of experience in industry, having worked with several Biotech Companies in Alberta, including ChemBioMed, Alberta Reseach Council, AltaRex and VirRexx. In 2003, Dr. Smith joined the University of Alberta as Co­ordinator, Research Development & Industry Relations for the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science (AFNS) where he assisted academics with research development and program funding. In Dr Smith’s free time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, and expanding his horizons with travel.

Laura Patterson-Fortin, PhD – Senior Water Disinfection Research Scientist and co-Chief Science Officer

Laura received a PhD in Microbiology and Biotechnology from the University of Alberta and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Florida. Laura has over 10 years’ experience in the fields of molecular biology and microbiology using innovative techniques to study bacterial responses to their environment. She also has extensive biotechnology product development experience. Laura now leads BioLargo Water’s research and development of the disinfection capabilities of the AOS, and has been responsible for countless projects that resulted in improvements to the AOS and/or and expanded understanding of how it works. Dr. Patterson-Fortin is also an avid skier, soccer player, and runs in her free time.

Ahmed Moustafa, PhD – Senior Water Decontamination Scientist and co-Chief Science Officer

Dr. Ahmed Moustafa is an environmental engineer and has +10 years of experience developing water treatment technologies. He has been integral to the development of the AOS technology. Ahmed is a Senior Research Scientist, leads the BioLargo Water Decontamination research and development team. He was a Fulbright scholar in his time at Penn State University and was awarded the Alberta Ingenuity in Nano Technology grant toward his PhD at university of Alberta. While he’s not working, Dr. Moustafa enjoys soccer, archery, reading, and running.

Jenny Boutros, MSc – Senior Research Scientist

Jenny Boutros is an Engineering Research Scientist at BioLargo Water and joined the company in 2016. Jenny plays a key role in the design and development of the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) through prototype design and development, testing, scale-up, as well as supervising a team of very talented young scientists. She holds an MSc. in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Alberta with a focus on Thermodynamic Modelling, and a BSc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Balamand. She also has experience in techno-economic modelling, grant writing, as well as 3D modelling and fabrication. Jenny also served as a managing member of the Lebanese Red Cross – Koura Division for 2 years and is an accomplished musician and composer.

Parastoo Pourrezaei, PhD – Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Parastoo Pourrezaei is a Process Development Engineer specializing in water and wastewater treatment processes. She completed her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and pursued environmental engineering for graduate studies. During her PhD in environmental engineering discipline at University of Alberta, she completed a research project focusing on physico-chemical treatment technologies for oil sands process-affected water remediation. She has more than 2 years experience working as a process engineer in training at Canadian Natural Resources Limited-Horizon Oil Sands site dealing with major projects in the field of process water, tailings, mining, and extraction processes. She joined BioLargo Water in September 2015 and her research goals include the investigation of the AOS reactor’s capabilities in the removal of organic constituents from contaminated waters and wastewaters. In her spare time, Dr. Pourrezaei enjoys working out, hiking in the beautiful rocky mountains (when not covered in snow), and watching movies.

What is a BioLargo Spotlight?

It’s an exciting time at BioLargo. We’re moving fast, and it can be difficult to keep our stockholders and the investing public informed of our progress. In light of this, we will be posting a series of short articles titled “BioLargo Spotlight”, highlighting certain business activities and other important information in between our required SEC filings. Of course, these do not replace our public filings, which contain more complete information than can be delivered in this forum, and thus we urge you to carefully read and rely on those filings for definitive information, and to review our risk factors and caution regarding forward-looking statements. We are optimistic about our business as we work hard to continue to grow and ultimately generate profits for our stockholders. 
Legal Disclaimer

Our attorneys remind us that while we believe these developments are important and that these small victories could add up and lead to big victories, at this stage they do not rise to the level of an official material disclosure. As the size and magnitude of these developments become material, we will naturally report that information in an 8-K and our regular SEC filings.

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