Wednesday 23 May 2018

BioLargo China InnoSTARS Preliminary Stage Win

Earlier this month, you may have read that BioLargo’s Odor-No-More had been invited to present at the China InnoSTARS Preliminary Competition in Houston, TX on May 14-15. Today we’re proud to announce that Odor-No-More was a winner in the Environmental Technology track and will advance to the Semi-Finals in China. Over 120 companies competed in this prestigious event, and only 35 advanced to the semi-finals. Only three companies, including Odor-No-More, were selected in the Environmental Technology track. 

 BioLargo’s Odor-No-More will now be invited for an all-expenses paid trip to Hebei, China, a city known in part for its environmental technology innovation as well as its flourishing industry, having the 6th greatest GDP in China. The trip will also involve road show where BioLargo can interface with Chinese investors and industry representatives, offering us a unique and powerful opportunity to create in-roads in the Chinese market.

At the conference, countless attendees, including US and Chinese investors and potential collaborators, expressed a high degree of interest in BioLargo and Odor-No-More’s disruptive odor and VOC control product CupriDyne Clean. Importantly, attendees were interested not only in CupriDyne Clean, but also BioLargo’s other disruptive platform technologies, the AOS water treatment system and Clyra Medical Technologies. If collaboration or other relationships develop as result of these meetings, we’ll be sure to report this information in future blog posts and in our regular filings!

Source: China InnoSTARS

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