Thursday 1 February 2018

Company Progress Report - Dennis Calvert Interviewed by Uptick Newswire

BioLargo CEO Dennis Calvert returned to Uptick Newswire Stock Day Podcast with Everett Jolly today to deliver an important and welcome update on the company's progress in its multiple advancing businesses.

BioLargo has seen numerous successes in recent weeks, both in new contracts and sales, and in crucial developments for its disruptive water treatment platform, the Advanced Oxidation System (AOS):

Odor-No-More/CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Control:
  • Sales are accelerating
  • Winning new customers constantly, and spreading across the country rapidly
  • Once a customer tries CupriDyne Clean, they never go back to our competitors. Our product provides vastly superior performance, at a significant cost savings
  • Expanding uses! Customers using CupriDyne Clean to control VOCs
BioLargo Engineering (BLEST):
  • Roughly 10 new customer accounts!
  • Opportunities and invitations rapidly accelerating - team's professional credibility paying dividends
  • Internal work is accelerating AOS development
Clyra Medical:
  • Quietness of Clyra Medical is due to impending FDA 510(k) decision on our products
  • Average FDA 510(k) application takes 177 days. We are only just past 100 days, and we are confident about the application
  • Huge opportunity, simply waiting for regulatory approval
  • Patience is required
Advanced Oxidation System (AOS):
  • Our science is proven
  • Development is progressing for pilot prototype of AOS - being advanced by our new engineering unit
  • Recently attended Canadian government-sponsored trade mission in China where there was big interest in AOS for pilots and trials in China
  • China is flush with cash, has significant water issues and is hunting for solutions like the AOS.
  • Engineering team is developing a full scale-up strategy and plan to create a full-scale AOS, which will be implemented soon
  • AOS now been demonstrated potentially disruptive to important and huge water treatment segments like:
    • Storm water treatment
    • Removal of selenium
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Protozoan parasites (eg. Cryptosporidium)
    • Viruses
  • Proven the AOS capable of treating highly contaminated real-world water sources like:
    • Secondary and tertiary municipal wastewater
    • Poultry processing wastewater
    • Contaminated river water 

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