Friday 10 June 2016

CupriDyne Clean a big success at WasteExpo 2016: BioLargo's subsidiary Odor No More wins in waste industry

WasteExpo 2016 will be remembered as a break-through moment in BioLargo's journey to commercial success. Its subsidiary Odor No More, Inc. introduced CupriDyne Clean to the multibillion dollar waste handling industry, featuring  unsurpassed odor control while remaining safe, gentle and affordable.  The industry response was simply awesome!  'Finally a product that actually works' is the most common response from industry. The company continues to win customers with its free trial program and unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Conference attendees embraced the company's messaging with its lovable characters that 'strike a chord' with industry members; "Murf" is the gas-masked industrial worker on the left (photo) geared up to face the challenge from the story's antagonist the "Stink", the big green stink monster that threatens all.  (MRF is a common industry term for Materials Recovery Facility- and industry members are sure to see the 'connection') The "Frustrated Neighbor" portrayed by the grandmother and of course, "Cooper" the story's hero- delivering CupriDyne Clean to save the day. It was fun and more importantly, a key step in introducing CupriDyne Clean to this massive industry.

Humble Beginnings and Industry Pull Launches a Winner
In early 2015, Dennis Calvert, the CEO of BioLargo, Inc., (BLGO) was asked to serve on the board of directors of CleantechOC, the leading trade association in Southern California serving the clean technology industry. Learning about BioLargo’s award-winning odor control products, an association member who also happens to be a key executive and leader involved in the waste handling industry explained his industry's need for industrial odor control products that work and how the current products offered in their industry fall short of the mark. He asked if BioLargo could deliver a better solution.
With technical proof of claims in hand, a few key customer accounts like the US Government, industry awards like Best of Show Superzoo award, the Horse Journal Product of the Year, Cat Fancy Product of the Year, and an exclusive supply agreement with the US Military, the company confidently accepted the challenge. BioLargo’s experts went to work refining the product and its various delivery systems and CupriDyne Clean trials with well-known waste management companies and municipalities were set in motion. Success followed and viola- CupriDyne Clean finds a huge market that loves what it can do for them!  

Joseph Provenzano, President of Odor No More commented about the show, "The response to CupriDyne Clean was awesome and far exceeded our already high expectations.  The need for a solution like ours is apparent and we are glad to serve this important industry." 

The waste handling industry is well aware of the systemic and persistent odors that are a natural by-product of decomposition associated with the waste industry. The constant struggle to serve their communities while they rein in the big green 'Stink' monster, and strive to take care of the neighbors is normal operating procedure in this critical industry.  CupriDyne Clean is a great tool to help them serve their communities and team members.

AJ Sexton, VP of Industrial Sales commented, “In addition to the traction already gained with the largest companies in the industry, the WasteExpo show generated more than 20 new customer trial opportunities with national, regional and municipal operators, and we started discussions with more than 10 potential sales/distribution partners. We are busy ramping up to support the expanding demand for CupriDyne Clean.”

Odor control is a top priority and Odor No More is on the job to serve-

Stand by for more information as CupriDyne Clean grows!

For sales related inquiries contact 
AJ Sexton
VP of Industrial Sales
949-643-9540 X 1


Odor No More is also pleased to announce its new membership in the National Waste & Recycling Association.

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