Monday 2 May 2016

BioLargo Announces CupriDyne Clean-Press Release - Odor No More's high-value high-growth product opportunity

BioLargo Announces CupriDyne Clean

SANTA ANA, CA – (May 2, 2016) - BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) today announced the availability of “CupriDyne Clean” All-Purpose Free Iodine Wash and Industrial Odor Eliminators for unsurpassed odor elimination. ( Available in 1 gallon, 20 gallon, and 55 gallon concentrates either fragranced or fragrance-free for industrial users. CupriDyne Clean oxidizes odorous compounds and is ideal for waste transfer stations, composting facilities, landfill operations, sewage plants and lift stations, food processing plants and animal enclosures. Dispensed through misting systems, portable sprayers and water trucks, it is safe and effective on a host of surfaces including soils, metals, concrete and asphalt docks, floors, walls, feed and water receptacles, waste receptacles, tanks, bins, liners and dumpsters.

CupriDyne Clean is distributed through BioLargo’s subsidiary, Odor-No-More, Inc. Joseph Provenzano, President of Odor-No-More, commented, “We are so confident that our CupriDyne Clean products outperform anything in the market that we are offering a free no-risk trial program to introduce these breakthrough products to industry. CupriDyne Clean’s odor eliminators instantly break down hydrogen sulfide and other noxious odors eliminating them on contact. We are receiving significant interest from industry and trials are being set up as fast as we can serve them.”

Dennis P. Calvert, BioLargo’s President and CEO commented, “Our team’s persistent hard work refining our odor control products has created a big winner in Cupridyne Clean.  We are anxious to get this great product to work helping our customers.”

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