Wednesday 12 November 2014

Press Release: BioLargo issued patent for its platform of liquid and hydrogel iodine technologies

Expanding intellectual property estate and new unprecedented results drive innovation at BioLargo

SANTA ANA, CA – BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) announced today the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent 8,846,067 titled “antimicrobial solutions and methods” which covers the use of BioLargo’s iodine technology in its platform of liquid and hydrogel solutions. The liquid and gel technologies are foundational to multiple products sold under various brands by BioLargo’s subsidiary companies, including Nature’s Best Solution, NBS, Odor-No-More, and Deodorall. The new patent also covers the wound gel and wound cleanser products in final stages of development at BioLargo subsidiary Clyra MedicalTechnologies, Inc., being readied for application for FDA approval and licensure. The patent also covers other liquid and gel products in development for disinfection (such as to control bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses), as well as odor control. Additionally, the patent covers the potential use of the company’s hydrogel when combined with boron to provide a barrier/absorption technology for radiation leaks.
Regarding the newly issued patent, BioLargo Chief Science Officer Kenneth R. Code stated, “This is the 5th patent issued in 2014, and once again shows the novelty and usefulness of our iodine technologies.  These liquid and gel applications are being sold, evaluated, tested or trialed by various strategic alliance candidates, licensing candidates, and granting authorities across multiple industry segments.  We are in discussions now with a number of companies and research colleagues that may use our technology to gain market share through licensure.” Dennis Calvert, President and CEO of BioLargo added, “Our liquid and gel systems compete at the highest levels with all other disinfecting products.  By comparison, our products are environmentally friendly, gentle, non-toxic, non-staining and simple to use, with no known microbial resistance capability.  Our intellectual property estate is expanding rapidly as our third party validations continue to demonstrate new unprecedented results.”

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