Tuesday 18 June 2013

BioLargo Launches Water Company to Showcase its AOS Filter

Press Release
June 17, 2013  BioLargo, Inc. today announced the formation of BioLargo Water, Inc. (www.BioLargoWater.com), a wholly owned subsidiary formed to showcase the company’s “advanced oxidation systems,” including its new AOS Filter, a product in development specifically designed to eliminate common, troublesome, and dangerous (toxic) contaminates in water in a fraction of the time of current technologies.

Dennis Calvert, President & CEO of BioLargo, stated, “We believe that our Biolargo® AOS Filter represents a revolutionary technical advancement in how water should be treated. With the completion of the proof of claim work at the University of Alberta, we plan to focus on engineering and specific contaminant testing as we continue to position the product for commercial opportunities. We also plan to focus on adding key executives and strategic partners to aid us in building the business. Our AOS Filter can be of great benefit to industry as they deal with regulatory pressures to find a sustainable way to rid water of dangerous contaminants. Global Water Intelligence, a leading industry journal provides the most widely used estimate of the global water market at approximately  $360 billion annual revenues per year. Estimates put the ‘component technologies’ portion at approximately 10% of the global market revenue figures.  We believe our AOS Filter will compete in this component technologies area.  

“Our AOS Filter should have an important role to play in most of this industry’s segments, including oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals, power generation, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, pulp and paper, and mining. It could serve as a platform to build an integrated water company featuring technology, licensing, engineering and services. While there is much work to do, we are excited about the significant opportunities ahead.”

Kenneth Reay Code, BioLargo Chief Science Officer and inventor of the BioLargo® AOS Filter, added “Many industry segments, like energy and industrial process water systems, use extremely high volumes of water in their daily business activity. Often, tiny organic molecules, including soluble contaminants, are problematic for these types of water uses. We also know that many industry segments require ultra pure water. These industries need a treatment system that can manage high volumes of water with constant process performance and a high level of efficiency that is sustainable in term of safety and cost. With our AOS Filter, have been able to prove a level of performance in which our system dismantles organic contaminants to their basic molecular forms in minutes, rendering them safe. Other systems can take years, as in the case of settling ponds, or hours for other advanced oxidation technologies like UV and Ozone.

The company cautions that this market is highly competitive and dominated by global companies that have far greater capital, sales and expertise with established market share.  To compete in this market, the company will require substantial resources that are currently not available.  Further, its products will require regulatory approvals to market the AOS Filter with these claims. To seek regulatory approval, the new subsidiary will require investment capital to complete product development, build prototype products, complete testing, and make such applications.

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