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The 10-Year Overnight Success Story Of CupriDyne® Clean, The Odor & VOC Control Product That Actually Works

CupriDyne Clean is a clean-chemistry odor and VOC control product that has been proven in side-by-side comparisons to deliver the #1 performance in the odor control industry. It is a gentle, non-toxic, eco-friendly, formula that uses novel iodine chemistry to break down odor-causing compounds rather than masking them. The product, made by cleantech and environmental engineering company BioLargo, Inc. (BLGO: OTCQB), is used to combat some of the toughest odors and air quality contaminants in the world at landfills, wastewater plants, cannabis production and processing sites, and other industrial facilities – what is collectively known as the ‘industrial odor control’ market. Until CupriDyne Clean came along, this industry settled for fragrances and masking agents (sometimes dressed up with clever marketing language like ‘encapsulators’ or ‘essential oils’) to fight their odor problems. CupriDyne Clean, on the other hand, actually breaks down odor-causing compounds, providing substantially better performance. Customers noticed.

ONM Environmental, BioLargo’s subsidiary that manufactures and sells CupriDyne Clean, has achieved healthy sales growth for the product over the past three years, due in part to its national purchasing agreements with leading companies in the municipal solid waste industry. More recently, they’ve taken on some of the largest municipal public works clients in the region. Now they aim to accelerate sales growth for the product through key strategic partnerships with industry veterans, a strategy exemplified by BioLargo’s partnerships with 112-year-old North American wastewater services company Garratt-Callahan and BKT Co., a leader in wastewater treatment in South Korea. The wastewater market is ideal for CupriDyne Clean, which has been proven effective at eliminating odorous hydrogen sulfide, a common air contaminant arising from wastewater[2].

How CupriDyne Started Out

CupriDyne didn’t start out as an industrial product. The formula behind CupriDyne Clean started out as an odor control product in the niche livestock and equine markets, then subsequently consumer products were developed for pet stain and odor control. Although the formula was well-reviewed because of its unparalleled odor elimination kinetics (receiving two industry “Product of the Year” awards and several “Editor’s Choice” awards), it never gained widespread market adoption as a consumer product.

Six years after the initial CupriDyne-based products launched in the pet, livestock, and equine market, ONM Environmental (then known as Odor-No-More) was recruited by a waste handling industry leader to develop BioLargo’s chemistry into an industrial odor and VOC control product that could be used to solve large-scale air quality problems. According to that waste handling veteran, the waste industry had put up with poor-performing odor control products for decades, to the point where many waste handling operators were highly skeptical of most odor control products. It was clearly an industry in need of a solution that actually works.

CupriDyne Clean was born: a non-toxic, gentle, environmentally friendly, and safe solution to help manage industrial odor and VOC control challenges. Most importantly, unlike other odor and VOC control products common in the industrial sector, CupriDyne Clean actually breaks down odor-causing compounds, meaning it provides long-lasting efficacy in applications where the odors are strong and plentiful.

BioLargo leadership is confident the CupriDyne formula still has a significant future in consumer odor and VOC (volatile organic compound) control markets. The product has been vetted by third-party studies to be a night-and-day superior technical performer compared to major incumbent brands, and its claims of eco-friendliness and non-toxicity make it an appealing solution for everyday odor problems. Company management is confident that with the right partners, the product will soar in the consumer market.

Finding its Niche

“Not smelling is believing”, a phrase coined by ONM Environmental President Joseph Provenzano is why customers love CupriDyne Clean and keep coming back for more. An example of an early pivotal moment for the CupriDyne Clean industrial odor product was in early 2017 when a Florida landfill customer ordered on the spot after one application of CupriDyne powder to dry wastewater treatment sludge (infamously stinky) reduced odors immediately. Just like that, a key moment with a decision-maker smelling the effect of CupriDyne led to one of the product’s first big deals. Later that year the ONM team signed a deal with a leading integrated solid waste and recycling services company. Now, the company has signed other integrated waste handlers who collectively operate 1,200+ facilities, transfer stations, and landfills located in 39 states and six provinces throughout North America. By June of 2018, CupriDyne Clean’s superior performance and price advantage over competing products increased adoption among the top four waste handling companies in the US[3].

Another important moment for CupriDyne Clean came in the spring of 2019 during the rise of cannabis cultivation in North America, which presented a “pick & shovel” opportunity to supply CupriDyne Clean as a crucial tool the industry’s growing odor and VOC problem[4]. Southern Air Systems Corp (SAS) out of Knoxville Tennessee, analyzed the two main odor-causing terpenes (odorous VOCs that result from cannabis cultivation) and concluded, “after treatment with CupriDyne Clean, no trace of terpenes was detected in the air samples.”[5] By April of 2019, BioLargo signed a 5-year white-label distribution agreement with a sister company of Mabre Air Systems and began offering CupriDyne Clean under the brand name “Cannabusters.”[6] In early 2021 Cannabusters signed a sub-distributor with more than 30 years of history in deployment systems. As the cannabis industry matures more jurisdictions will require cultivators to enact air quality control measures to mitigate odor-causing terpenes like in Los Angeles County.

2020 was off to a great start when CEO of ONM Environmental Joe Provenzano, was published in Waste Advantage Magazine highlighting their work in waste handling. Shortly after, the team launched a joint venture with BKT and Tomorrow Water, a leading wastewater treatment solutions provider with operations in Daegu, South Korea, one of the leading cleantech innovation centers in Asia. BKT has an extensive distribution network throughout Southeast Asia serving more than 400 customers in South Korea alone with a presence in eight countries globally[7]. In early 2021, ONM Environmental acquired deodorizing and sanitizing technology, EcoMist, that helps solid waste collectors treat all types of waste receptacles in real time during pick up[8].

CupriDyne Clean in the Global Odor Control Market

The global odor control market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% and reach $11.15 billion by 2022 according to a limited study by Research and Markets[9].

The U.S. waste handling industry market value for odor control equipment is estimated at $1.3 billion annually, and was forecasted to hit $9.2 billion globally in 2019[10]. Wastewater treatment revenues in the United States amounted to $63 billion in 2018[11] and as their role in regulatory-driven food waste recycling and potable reuse markets increase, so too does odor-elimination demand within wastewater treatment[12]. The U.S. cannabis industry is worth $61 billion[13]contributing to the increased demand for odor control at cultivation sites. The growing demand in household, pets, livestock and equine odor elimination sectors are also inclining. As demand for odor-elimination products increase from complaints, regulatory violations, and litigation, BioLargo is well positioned for continued growth.

While some enzyme-based solutions do eliminate some odor-causing compounds, they often have a limited range of activity, take some time to work, and can be costly. CupriDyne Clean, on the other hand, doesn’t just mask the odor-causing compounds and other VOCs, it breaks them down through oxidation, meaning it is better at improving air quality. Masking agents, encapsulators and neutralizers do not work – odor molecules stick to everything and inevitably begin to smell again. CupriDyne Clean offers substantial savings to our customers compared with competing products that not only cleans, but also eliminates odors.

CEO of BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB:OTCQB:BLGO) Dennis P. Calvert commented, “Our product CupriDyne Clean tackles odors that no other product can, and it does it while being safe, environmentally friendly, and economical. A product like that has a home all across the global odor control market.”

Holding patents in absorbency, antimicrobial activityand anti-odor solutions and delivery systems, the formula behind BioLargo’s CupriDyne products have a definite future beyond the industrial odor control markets. The hardest work is already done to achieve that goal – the product has been developed, validated, and proven in countless applications to be the #1 performing odor elimination product. The company is also in the process with the EPA to register a CupriDyne-based product for advanced sanitization and disinfection claims. Furthermore, because of the product’s successes the company is in talks with prospective consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies about launching a CupriDyne-based consumer product done through distribution partnerships. Despite finding a real and growing market for the product in industrial and commercial settings, BioLargo may yet see its clean-chemistry odor and VOC control product populate store shelves someday soon, and company management looks forward to sharing more information about that soon.

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