Friday, 27 March 2020

BioLargo Spotlight: A Look at Another Odor-No-More Odor and VOC Control System for a Cannabis Greenhouse

Indoor cannabis grow vent-mounted air quality control

BioLargo’s air quality control products division Odor-No-More, Inc. is known for delivering the best odor and VOC control product science has to offer – CupriDyne® Clean – to industries like waste handling, wastewater treatment, and most recently to the cannabis and hemp industry. Our products are adored by operators because of their ability to eliminate odor-causing compounds instantly upon contact, without requiring fragrances, all while being eco-friendly and safe to use.

Last year Odor-No-More signed a 5-year white-label distribution agreement with Cannabusters, Inc. to service the cannabis and hemp industry with our patented odor and VOC control products. Cannabusters is working diligently to expand sales of the products in 2020.

ONM odor and VOC control ring nozzles
A great example of the Cannabusters and Odor-No-More collaboration can be   seen in their latest project where they teamed up to solve a cannabis growing facility’s air quality control challenges. Odor-No-More air quality systems experts designed, built, and helped the facility owners install odor and VOC control systems at a cannabis greenhouse grow facility in Colorado, and Cannabusters will deliver odor and VOC control products to address the customer’s air quality into the future. The system designed by Odor-No-More, uses “ring-mounted nozzles” on the exhaust vents of the facility in order to ensure the air leaving the facility meets local and state regulations on odor emissions, and ensures the facility’s neighbors stay happy.

As per the white label distribution agreement, Cannabusters uses Odor-No-More experts to design, build, and install each and every odor and VOC control system their customers need. This install marks another air quality control system designed, built, and delivered by Odor-No-More to a cannabis industry customer. Each install not only results in direct revenues from the equipment designed and delivered by Odor-No-More, but also results in ongoing revenues from Cannabusters sales. This particular cannabis facility consumes an estimated 10-20 gallons of CupriDyne Clean each our to efficiently and cost-effectively eliminate its odor and VOC emissions.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis that is affecting people and business around the globe, our business expansion efforts continue at BioLargo, and we are pushing to make 2020 a great year all the same.

Pumps and motors spec’ed and delivered by Odor-No-More

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