Monday, 4 November 2019

BioLargo Spotlight: Odor-No-More Tackling Odors at Larva Factory

BioLargo’s subsidiary Odor-No-More has made a name for itself mainly by selling its industry-best odor and VOC control product CupriDyne® Clean to the waste handling industry – meaning landfills, transfer stations, composting facilities, etc. As last week’s blog post demonstrates that the company is also expanding into new market applications like the cannabis and hemp industry. What most people might not realize, however, is that the company’s odor and VOC control products and services can help in virtually any situation where nuisance odors are causing problems for a company. Today’s blog post illustrates this idea by highlighting an interesting facility that Odor-No-More is now serving.

The company’s newest odor control client – Vivotein – operates soldier fly larva factories in Southern California, and they were having tough odor control challenges that are now being solved by CupriDyne Clean.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you might be asking what a soldier fly is. Soldier flies are small black flies whose larvae (about the size and appearance of a mealworm) have a wide variety of uses for humans, including as an animal feed, fishing bait, and composting supplement.

The Vivotein facility in Ontario, CA, now being serviced by Odor-No-More, produces huge quantities of soldier fly larvae mainly for use as an animal feed, and the final packaged larvae must be dehydrated before shipment. The larvae are dehydrated in enormous ovens which creates a strong and distinct odor. Out of respect for their neighbors and in a desire to stay ahead of the curve in the area of odor control, the Ontario Vivotein facility decided to implement Odor-No-More’s odor control system because of our recognition as an industry-leading odor solution provider. Now, plant management reports that odor emissions from the building have been reduced substantially.

The first equipment installed by Odor-No-More were on the facility’s exhaust vents (see video below) to directly address the odor emissions that leave the building. Next, in the second phase of equipment installation, Odor-No-More is installing odor elimination equipment at key locations throughout the facility. These delivery systems were designed, built, and installed all by Odor-No-More staff.

Waste handling remains the company’s primary target market. There is a seemingly endless number of landfills, transfer stations, and composting facilities that need high performance odor control products and systems, and in the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you more posts that discuss projects at waste handling sites. We hope that this week’s post helps demonstrate that Odor-No-More’s odor and VOC control products have the potential to address odor problems across a vast range of industries. As we like to say – there’s no odor problem we can’t help solve.

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