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An Interview with BioLargo CEO - August 26th 2019

An Interview with BioLargo CEO
"We Make Life Better"

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2019 / Tamarack Advisors recently sat down with Dennis Calvert, the CEO of BioLargo, Inc. (BLGO) to discuss their recent news and corporate developments. (Original Article Link)
Q: Over the last couple of months trading volume and share price for BioLargo have increased significantly. To what would you attribute this recent surge in interest in BLGO?
A: I think investors are starting to realize that BioLargo is well positioned for growth and financial success. We have achieved a number of important and high-value milestones. With basic due diligence, investors easily conclude that BioLargo has managed to conceive, develop, patent, prove, finance and is now actively commercializing a robust portfolio of sustainable and disruptive technologies and products focused on clean air, clean water, advanced wound care. In each of these areas, we have focused on technical innovations that we believe are the #1 technical solutions for the target problems. With the addition of BioLargo Engineering Science and Technologies, (BLEST) and the build out of our full services, design, construction, installation, service and maintenance teams at Odor No More, we can now offer customers both innovation and full-service solutions to some of the most difficult environmental and health related issues. Consider just a few of our most recent developments:

  • BioLargo Engineering (BLEST) landed contracts to serve seven United States Air Force bases focused on air quality
  • BLEST was awarded a “small business innovation research” grant by the EPA to tackle the removal of PFAS contamination from water (PFAS are fluorinated compounds considered one of the most pressing contamination issues of the past decade)
  • Begun selling products under our fourth “National Purchasing Agreement” with the largest waste handling companies in North America
  • Hired a former senior executive of a leading waste handling company to expand and grow sales of our odor control products
  • A third-party study confirmed CupriDyne Clean eliminates odors from marijuana and hemp growing and production operations
  • Successfully launched 2 pilots for the AOS clean water solution
  • Secured its 69th grant including funding to begin its third demonstration pilot in southern California to treat stormwater for its AOS
  • Secured new capital totaling more than $2.6 million
  • Refinanced or converted over $1.3 million in current liabilities
Q: The BLGO engineering division was recently awarded subcontracts to provide air quality engineering services to seven US Air Force bases. With a foot now in the door, what kind of potential is there for future contracts at US military bases?
A: We believe there is significant potential for future contracts with other Air Force bases (as well as other branches of the armed services), and we have multiple bids outstanding and more in process.
Q: Cannabis is a relatively new industry segment for BioLargo and its Odor and VOC products, tell us how you are making progress.
A: We secured our first distributor back in April of this year, with Mabre Air Systems, Inc. and their new operating unit Cannabusters, Inc. They are busy marketing the product and services across North America, including 2-3 trade show exhibits a month, and, the have reported recent success with customers in first commercial trials, its first system install, as well as a number of distributor relationships that are developing. We recently secured proof of claim for our product capabilities eliminating the odorous terpenes (gases) associated with cannabis and hemp production and processing (Link Here). We are working with Cannabusters to finely tune the product and services offering as we both find our way through this dynamic industry. With 15,000 licensing operators in California alone, we believe this is a very large and important opportunity. We have a great solution for this market!
Q: Regarding water treatment - BioLargo is currently conducting a live test of your AOS product on a poultry farm in Alberta, do you anticipate commercialization of the AOS soon?
A: The short answer is yes - this poultry process water demonstration pilot, which was recently featured in a short video, (video link), and the other pilot we have ongoing at a microbrewery in SoCal as well as the new project to treat captured stormwater in SoCal that just received a funding commitment , all combine to establish a cornerstone moment in the development cycle of the AOS. Demonstrating that your new technology works and has a strong economic value proposition in the field is a critical step for the development of any new, innovative technology, and that’s why this step is so important for our AOS. Once our demonstration pilots have concluded we’re moving on to commercial trials, manufacturing, then first sales. It’s hard to forecast an exact number of months until the technology is monetized, but we are getting very close, and for that reason we (and our stakeholders) are very excited for the AOS.
Q: Could you give us an update on your Clyra medical division and where you are in the FDA approval process?
A: Clyra is in the final stages of a current FDA application for pre-market clearance under 510(k). Our final task from the FDA was to demonstrate that the product does not interfere with normal wound healing processes. This was done through an animal study, and the work was recently and successfully completed. The testing laboratory has completed its formal report and we are readying to submit our final written response to the FDA. Once that is done, the FDA has a limited time to approve, or reject, our application. We are not aware of anything that would result in a rejection.
We are also excited about Clyra’s SkinDisc technology, which has been tested in over 250 patient cases and has successfully aided in the salvage of limbs that otherwise would have been amputated. The regenerative tissue therapy technique has been shown to assist in successful wound closure in time frames as short at 4 to 7 weeks with one or two applications and is patent pending.
Question: Any closing remarks?
A: We are better capitalized now that we have ever been, and we intend to use these resources to grow our company and increase our revenues as well as continue to strengthen our balance sheet. We have multiple winners in our portfolio and have never been more excited about our future.

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