Monday, 3 June 2019

BioLargo Spotlight Blog Post: CupriDyne Clean Ushering in the Sweet Smell of Success

BioLargo’s CupriDyne® Clean is the innovative, patented odor and volatile organic compound (VOC) control product developed, manufactured and sold by our wholly owned subsidiary Odor-No-More, Inc. The product is loved by owners and operators at landfills, transfer stations, material recovery stations, and other facilities that make up the Waste Handling industry because of the product’s industry-validated claim to #1 performance on the market, its non-toxic, non-sensitizing formula, and of course its price. Just last year, due to increased demand for the product we added services like environmental engineering, deployment system design, construction, installation, maintenance and more. In fact, the company has been awarded vendor status for CupriDyne Clean by four of the top companies in the U.S. waste handling industry through national purchasing agreements, which is now leading to sales of the product expanding in 2019. In essence, we’ve proven to decision-makers at our national accounts that the product exceeds expectations and reduces costs, and consequently the product is being adopted in new regions held by our national account customers. Events like Waste Expo earlier in May have also raised awareness for CupriDyne Clean at the national level, with new waste handling companies expressing interest in the product every week.

Now, the product is even being pulled through partnerships and distribution in emerging odor control markets including cannabis and hemp, wastewater treatment, and manufacturing. With years of working with clients around the nation, in some of the most difficult situations and challenging situations known, we have become trusted experts in delivering full-service solutions to eradicate odors and VOCs from some of the most odorous waste handling sites in the country.

It was thanks to BioLargo company management’s connections as a board member at the business accelerator Sustain SoCal (formerly Sustain OC) that they got an insider’s lesson about the pressing need for new odor and VOC control products in the waste handling industry in 2016. A fellow board member at Sustain SoCal, who was a senior executive with more than 25 years experience with leading waste handling companies, suggested that CupriDyne Clean had the potential to revolutionize odor control in the waste handling industry. In this market, customers are chiefly concerned with finding odor and VOC control solutions that actually solve their problems and are less attached to specific brands. For decades, waste handling industry operators were largely of the opinion that no industrial odor control product actually worked, because incumbent products in the Industrial Odor and VOC control market were typically masking agents and could not overcome the tough odors generated by these high-volume sites. Before CupriDyne Clean, switching odor control vendors often meant switching from a cherry scent to a lemon scent – the actual results never really improved.  This created a perfect environment for the disruptive, high-performance CupriDyne Clean products that actually break down the odorous compounds and VOCs and do not require fragrance to be effective.

Odor-No-More began sales of the new product CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator, coupled with odor control services, in May of 2016. Since then, the product has been met with great enthusiasm by customers, with many users shocked by how little CupriDyne Clean is required to eliminate odors at their site, which consistently leads to significant costs savings. To this day, our demonstrations are first met with disbelief.  As we always say, ‘Not smelling is believing’.  Odor-No-More has been successful in establishing a dominant market position with waste handling sites in Southern California as well as other sites around the country, and its products are now being adopted on a region-by-region basis across the locations of the company’s national purchasing agreement accounts. In the case of some of the company’s large national accounts they have activated purchasing of CupriDyne Clean for all their national locations through their online purchasing portals, allowing all their locations the ability to purchase the product.

CupriDyne Clean has also been formulated into new products, and we intend to increase its portfolio further to market it to new verticals. Some of its existing products are:
  • CupriDyne Clean Industrial Odor Eliminator for misting and spraying (powders & liquids) (link)
  • CupriDyne Clean High-Pressure Wash for bins and compactors
  • Deodorall consumer home-use odor and VOC control, available through Amazon (link)
  • Equine and Litter Box Deodorizers, offered under the Odor No More brand (link)
  • Cannabusters odor and VOC control for cannabis and hemp (link)
  • Petwellbeing, Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator (link)
  • Samuri Smoke Odor Eliminator, sold by Samuri Group, LLC. (link) 
CupriDyne Clean "Wash" in use

CupriDyne has come a long way since the original technology was first invented all those years ago by BioLargo Chief Science Officer Ken Code. When our first product using the CupriDyne formula was launched into the consumer and pet odor control market, we discovered that the product was so effective at eliminating odors we intuitively knew it would outperform other products, we just had to prove it and find a way to break into the market. The idea was that an odorless, non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to the incumbent products in this market (many of whose products famously relied heavily on fragrances which increase VOC emissions and generally do not work) would be a welcome solution to most folks’ odor and VOC emissions problems. Our first products even won two “Product of the Year” and a few “Editor’s Choice” awards from multiple industry groups. However, we faced huge challenges and quickly faced the daunting hurdle that a substantial marketing budget and an established distribution network would be required to make a meaningful dent in the consumer market. We knew that competing head to head with giant global companies with established distribution channels, lower margins and globally recognized brands that have enjoyed decades of market success would require the right partner or a big budget.  

How can we find commercial success with these great products?  We needed to find a market where we could prove out our product’s value compared to other products, tackling real life situations that the competition simply cannot manage. We refined our knowledge and built our various delivery systems and continued to win over customers with CupriDyne Clean.   The waste handling industry has proven a welcome home for CupriDyne Clean, one that welcomes it value proposition as the #1 performing, eco-friendly, non-pesticidal odor and VOC control solution. Of course, our current success and our expectations of continued growth has taken hard work, consistent reliable product performance, some capital and an ongoing commitment to service.  We know that we have only scratched the surface of this massive opportunity and have never been so convinced, as we are now, of the winner we have in CupriDyne Clean.

This may lead you to ask: will the consumer products opportunity re-emerge for BioLargo? 

The answer might be best answered with another question- Is there room in the consumer markets for an eco-friendly, non-fragranced, non-toxic, simple to use odor and VOC eliminator that out-performs all others? We think the answer is yes. Stay tuned!

We are very excited about the continued commercial success for CupriDyne Clean!

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