Tuesday, 11 June 2019

BioLargo Spotlight: BioLargo Engineering Launches New Website

Since its addition to the BioLargo family in October 2017, BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies has played a central role in driving the product innovation and commercial capacity of BioLargo. Our engineering division has dramatically increased the variety of services we can offer our clients, bolstered the product and service offerings of our odor and VOC control division, and provided engineering and scale-up capabilities for the development of our clean water technology the AOS. Therefore, we are very happy today to unveil the new website of our engineering division, found at www.biolargoengineering.com.  

BioLargo Engineering’s new website is a tremendous upgrade from the company’s previous one, offering improvements not only in aesthetics but also in functionality, ease-of-use, and marketing potential. The timing of this website is ideal – our engineering division is ramping up its number of customer contracts and is offering expanded service packages to clients in specific areas where the division has special expertise. This includes areas like air quality control, water treatment and management, and cannabis industry-specific services. You can download the company’s abridged service listing in a brochure here.

As always, you can follow news about the BioLargo Engineering, including new service offerings, at BioLargo’s blog at www.biolargo.blogspot.com (that’s where you are now). If you want to catch up on notable posts about BioLargo Engineering, a good place to start is by looking at their posts about:
  • Cannabis services – LINK
  • Microbrewery services – LINK
  • Their recent EPA grant – LINK

You can also learn more about BioLargo Engineering at their website (who would have guessed?), where you can read case studies, articles, service listings, and learn about their past clients and projects.

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