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BioLargo is an Innovator and Solution Provider Hitting its Stride

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DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2019 / BioLargo, Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) is both an innovator of novel life sciences technologies and an environmental engineering services solutions provider, which is a rare combination for a company of its relatively small size. The company has a diverse portfolio of patented high-tech products, each driven by different subsidiaries focused on specific vertical segments. While each of these products is at a different stage in development or commercialization, each have recently hit critical development and/or commercialization milestones, making this a perfect time to revisit BioLargo.
The Edison Group, an investment research firm, recently released an update to their analysis on BioLargo titled "BioLargo Progresses Towards Independent Businesses". The report goes into detail about the commercial progress of BioLargo's CupriDyne® Clean products, medical products, and the AOS water treatment technology, and shows the substantial progress that the company has made towards its goal of establishing its subsidiaries as thriving independent businesses.
CupriDyne® Clean Continues to Penetrate Waste Handling Market and Cannabis Market Takes Notice of its Efficient Odor Control Solution
As BioLargo continues its long march towards profitability, the subsidiary leading the way in both revenue and product distribution is Odor-No-More, Inc., the makers of CupriDyne® Clean, an industrial odor eliminator currently in use by four of the top waste handling companies in the United States. CupriDyne® Clean has already been granted vendor status by these companies, which allows the product to expand beyond their regional test markets through national purchasing agreements. President & CEO of BioLargo Dennis P. Calvert elaborated further in a recent blog post stating, "In essence, we've proven to decision-makers at our national accounts that the product exceeds expectations and reduces costs, and consequently the product is being adopted in new regions held by our national account customers." Calvert goes on to say that the company has "new waste handling companies expressing interest in the product every week."
While the waste handling business is an enormous market, CupriDyne® Clean has also found a huge potential niche in the emerging cannabis market. With favorable legislation facilitating huge growth in the number of grow operations nationwide, odor and air pollutant control issues have moved to the forefront for regulators. Odor-No-More recently announced a five year white label agreement with Cannabusters, Inc., a subsidiary of the Mabre Corporation, to supply odor and VOC control products to cannabis production facilities. In just the past few days management also indicated in a series of interviews while presenting at the LD Micro conference that efforts continue to establish new distributors in this emerging market. With some projections for the cannabis industry to reach $35 billion by 2024, and 15,000 licensed California providers in BioLargo's backyard, Cupridyne® Clean has an opportunity to establish itself as the go-to solution in a major market in desperate need for odor control
AOS Water Treatment Platform Begins First Real-World Test
Last month BioLargo's Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) began its first in-field pre-commercial demonstration pilot, installing a system at the Sunworks Farm near Edmonton, Alberta. The unit consists of a "portable, modular water treatment solution that delivers the highest performance in disinfection and decontamination, eliminates hard-to-treat micropollutants, and has lower operational costs, capital costs, and energy usage rates than other similar water treatment technologies." The company's business model is to deliver AOS treatment trains as part of a free trial period, after which clients have the option of keeping the equipment through either lease, purchase, or pay-per-gallon.
This demonstration pilot for the AOS has numerous positive aspects. First, by providing the full system to an existing commercial poultry farm, they are able to record and measure key data points against existing historical norms at that farm. Second, they are able to take those metrics and provide analytics to potential customers, creating a "linchpin for future sales". Indeed, the most recent blog post from BioLargo states that they already have another pilot program being installed at a small brewery in Southern California.

Clyra Medical Nearing Conclusion of FDA 510(k) Process
BioLargo's Clyra Medical division is in the process of acquiring pre-market clearance for their first advanced wound care product. This product has several significant advantages over the technologies currently in use, including lower costs, gentleness as a result of its very low dosage of active ingredient, biofilm efficacy and extended antimicrobial protection. BioLargo recently reported it had a second in-person meeting with senior staff at the FDA, where they requested Clyra conduct a 30-day GLP animal study to confirm that the product has no adverse effects on wound healing. Clyra's management expressed confidence in positive results as they had already conducted a preliminary study. Since this was the final material request made by the FDA before a decision is to be made on the application, BioLargo now hopes to have a response back from the FDA in the July to August time frame, unless unexpected further information is requested by the FDA. It also acquired a patent-pending stem cell therapy technology in November (Skin Disc) and management indicates that it intends to acquire through licensing additional FDA-approved technologies as it prepares to go commercial with a portfolio of products focused on helping manage and heal chronic wounds. The addressable market for Clyra's disruptive wound care technology is projected to be $2.5 billion.

BioLargo has invested a decade and over $20 million to establish multiple commercially focused subsidiaries and corresponding patented technology-based products all centered around their proprietary iodine chemistry. CupriDyne® Clean is a product that has made serious inroads into the very traditional, but very large waste handling industry and is turning heads in the red-hot cannabis industry. The AOS water treatment technology recently began its first real world testing scenario as a low-cost water treatment device, and Clyra Medical is progressing with its 510(k) application. Beyond these potentially disruptive technologies, what makes BioLargo unique and well-equipped for growth compared to similar companies is its full-service engineering division which is serving external clients on a fee-for-service basis while simultaneously aiding BioLargo's other operating units to assist in their march toward commercial success.
Looking forward, BioLargo has the opportunity to succeed with a number of different product platforms. With increased sales, real world pilot programs, and the potential approval of their 510(k) application, this may be the time to consider investing in BioLargo, Inc. Management is quick to point out that it plans to expand its sales and marketing efforts, as capital is available, to serve these extremely large opportunities for its proven products and grow into the massive opportunities ahead.
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