Monday, 16 December 2013

Letter to Shareholders: BioLargo AOS Water Filter: A Technical Breakthrough- Pilot Organizing

Dear Shareholder, 

I write to update you about our BioLargo AOS water filter technology and the proposed Canadian pilot project featuring our technology.  The pilot is being spearheaded by the University of Alberta and arose from the evaluation of our technology by the NSERC Research Chair, as well as our ongoing work with the researchers. The purpose of the pilot is to engineer our filter technology to develop a commercially ready device. The proposed project will include the University and a host of Canadian government funding agencies whose goal is to develop an economically viable solution to treat tailings ponds water associated with the Athabasca Oil Sands and ultimately eliminate the need for the tailings ponds on a going forward basis.

There are one billion cubic meters of contaminated water that have been produced from oil extraction and processing of Canadas most valuable natural resource, the Athabasca Oil Sands, which makes this project one of the most significant water treatment opportunities known.

In addition to treating existing tailings ponds wastewater, the proposed pilot is expected to provide data that can be used to refine the device to be able serve a host of other segments within the water treatment industry.

We also believe our technology could play an important role in any market that contends with hard-to-get contaminants or any industry segment that is looking for a sustainable and low cost solution. 

Our AOS Filter technology combines electricity, filter materials like carbon, and oxidizers like iodine, to generate an electro-chemical kill zone within a filter column. As water passes through the filter, the reactor breaks down the contaminants by electrolysis and oxidation, yielding clean water at the output, which we believe can be safely returned to its source. The filter design provides a cost-effective, rapid-acting finishing step to most any existing water treatment. It accomplishes two primary objectives:
1.            Dismantles soluble contaminants through advanced oxidation, and
2.            Provides complete disinfection
The work done to validate its efficacy thus far has given everyone around the project reason to be excited about moving ahead with the pilot and taking this next important step towards the significant business opportunities for our invention.  In many applications, like the oil sands, we may be the only economically viable solution. 

As you can imagine, we have much work to do before the pilot is officially finalized and starts, and many details are not yet complete. We are in discussions with the University, funding agencies and industry about the proposed project. We will be working to organize the details of the pilot and arrange for the needed capital to make it successful. We are embarking on the mission to accomplish this important work and in many ways we believe this is the most important advancement in the history of our company. 

Last week in Los Angeles we presented an overview about the AOS Filter technology and discussed the proposed pilot project at an investment conference, and want you to have access to the power point presentation materials: The LD Micro Conference Presentation is linked here- 

Tell your friends about BioLargo and call me soon for a personal update. 

Warmest Regards,


Dennis Calvert
President & CEO
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

BioLargo Water, Inc. Presented its AOS Filter and exciting business developments at the LD Micro Conference December 2013

 BioLargo Water, Inc.

The slide show is below (click the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the window below to enlarge the image)