Monday, 26 March 2012

BioLargo Builds Its Business with New Products and Distributors

Press Release

LA MIRADA, CA--(Marketwire -03/26/12)- BioLargo, Inc. (OTC.BB: BLGO.OB - News), creator of patented iodine technologies, today announced the development of recent commercial opportunities and that its work to solve the contaminated water issues associated with the Canadian Oil Sands, as a founding member of a NSERC Canadian Research Chair at the University of Alberta Department of Engineering, has begun.

BioLargo® announced the introduction of its free iodine liquid wash and "hydrogel" products branded Nature's Best Solution®.

The wash and hydrogel have both consumer and industrial strength applications for use as a general wash and odor control. The company generated its first commercial sale and has begun to deliver the products to prospective industrial customers for trials.

They deliver the market's highest dose of free iodine in solution while retaining its non- staining, G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded as Safe) designation, as well as its non-toxic and green attributes. Slated to become a staple in BioLargo's product menu, the stabilized formula provides a platform for new products because additional ingredients can easily be added to create a host of new applications. BioLargo will continue to validate the base product and secure commercial opportunities while it seeks to establish a distribution channel.

BioLargo further announced it contracted with a "dairy industry" distributor located in Tulare California to begin distributing its new and existing iodine based products. The new distributor, Green Alpha Solutions, LLC, is led by two regional dairy industry experts who bring innovative technology based solutions to the regional dairy marketplace. BioLargo will continue separate discussions with licensing and manufacturing partners to advance new product designs to best serve this highly specialized market.

On the consumer front, BioLargo announced it had developed a family of consumer products branded DeodorAllTM for household stain and odor removal and spill clean-up. The Home Shopping Group will produce, manage and broadcast a series of direct response television campaigns to introduce the product to the marketplace in the coming months. BioLargo will supply products to the project on a wholesale price basis while maintaining approval rights for content that is created.

BioLargo further announced it has established a relationship with Spill Experts, Inc., a company that specializes in spill clean-up products with more than 20 years in the industry.

Spill Experts recently tested BioLargo's technology in multiple client trials which proved highly effective for use in cleaning up human body fluids and controlling odor with a target market focused on public buildings and public transportation like buses, trains, subways and the like. As a result of the success of the trials, BioLargo has agreed to supply Spill Experts absorbent materials treated with its BioLargo® technology, in bulk, in order for Spill Experts to combine the materials with its own absorbents and sell a Spill Experts branded product in the US and Canada. The mark, "BioLargo® Technology Inside," will be displayed on the front of the package. Spill Experts placed its first order and the new products are being marketing by Spill Experts.

BioLargo continues to advance its work in animal and human health areas. It successfully concluded its first phase testing to verify that its product formulas are non-cytotoxic and effective as a disinfectant against of host of pathogens commonly found in a healthcare setting. Its animal health products are being tested in a host of non-commercial settings by leading veterinarians across the nation.

"In many ways, we have only shown the world the 'tip of the iceberg' of the expansive opportunities for our commercial success," commented Dennis Calvert, President and CEO. "Our product development work with Central Garden and Pet has led to the creation of a number of complete product designs which we believe are ready for market, and a long list of potential future products for the pet industry. Similarly, in each industry in which we focus, we have products that represent a starting point and at the same time, we face the exciting opportunity to develop a complete line of products to serve those industries. The core technology is well established and with the addition of our world-class team members over the past year, it is now a great time for BioLargo to refine, focus and execute to help solve serious problems that face industry and our world."