Wednesday, 5 December 2018

BioLargo Corporate Deck as Presented at the 11th Annual LD Micro Main Event Investor Conference

Dear Stockholder

Please see the presentation 'deck' delivered at the LD Micro XI Main Event in Los Angeles, which can be viewed at the link shown below as well as the written answers to the most important questions just below the slides: 

What's New? and Why Now?  

BioLargo LD Micro Dec 2018 as presented 12042018

The event was great for BioLargo.  The two most common questions fielded were:

What's new?


1.     sales are setting new records; +$1 million YTD in 2018
2.     two operating divisions are nearing profitability - Odor-No-More and BLEST Engineering
3.     Odor-No-More signed 4 industry leaders to national purchase agreements and now operating as a 'full solution service provider' for a $1.3 billion total addressable market for odor and VOC control capable of carrying the entire company as it matures
4.     100% area adoption in Orange County and Los Angeles with one client for CupriDyne Clean
5.     critical proof of claim for AOS clean water technology role in removing micro pollutants
6.     clarity for FDA pathway success for Clyra Medical
7.     nearing $1m funds raised to close purchase agreement for stem cell therapy technology (SkinDisc)
8.     preparing to uplist to Nasdaq - engaged NY investment banking firm to lead the process
9.     and more


Why now?

With $23 million in investment capital over the last decade, we have advanced our platform of sustainable technologies and products to a point where they are technically proven and well-situated for market adoption. For each of our technologies we have a strategy to disrupt a number of very large markets with better solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems in the areas of clean air, clean water and advanced wound care.  

We are now situated to put capital to work to grow revenues and ultimately make profits.  We remain convinced that BioLargo will become a great “American Success Story” while paying homage to our Canadian inventors and benefactors as well as our army of loyal investors.  

Capital and patience are key! 

Thank you and call me. 

Dennis Calvert
President & CEO
BioLargo, Inc.

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