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BioLargo Embarks on Campaign to Promote New Free-Iodine Solution- Article by HealthTech

March 27, 2012

Biolargo is the patent-holder of a new, free-iodine-based product called "Nature's Best Solution" that makes some exciting promises. They recently outlined plans to work with several companies in both the commercial and industrial sectors to develop retail products containing their formula.
The company succeeded in developing a particularly pure and potent type of iodine without the toxic side effects company associated with the chemical. This new type of iodine will provide the basis for a new generation of specialized sanitation products that benefit such areas as both human and veterinary medicine, domestic, agricultural, manufacturing, and more. Right now, Biolargo's primary concern is raising awareness of their product among these industries as much as possible.
One of the most exciting aspects about Biolargo's discovery is that it provides an alternative to the traditional anti-bacterial cleaning solutions, the over-use of which has led to the appearance of MRSA, a deadly acute strain of staph bacteria that emerged in the early 1960s.
Not only is MRSA resistant to traditional antibiotic treatments, but what makes it such a specifically profound horror show is this: a significant body of research suggests that the over-use of common anti-bacterial cleaning agents actually produces it. It appears commonly in medical quarters, public housing developments and other areas with a high volume of bodily traffic that are cleaned regularly with strong disinfectants. Nature's Best Solution can provide these environments with disinfecting alternatives. In doing so, it can makes these areas less conducive to producing these types problematic bacteria. Jeanine Thomas, founder of the MRSA Survivors Network, says that without such methods, not only MRSA, but "other infections such as C. difficile and VRE,” will continue to increase.
If the part about hospitals isn't enough to call the hair on the back of your neck to attention, British and Scottish epidemiologists have noticed new strains of MRSA in cow's milk. It makes sense, for this reason, that among other companies, Biolargo is negotiating with Green Alpha Solutions, LLC. A California-based company, Green Alpha wants to design a free-iodine-based cleaning product specialized for use in the dairy industry.

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