Thursday, 24 November 2011

Message to Fellow Shareholders-Dennis Calvert- BioLargo President & CEO

Thanksgiving Message

November 24, 2011
Dear Fellow Shareholders,

I write to say thank you for your support of our company as we march forward to improve the quality of life for people worldwide. Our journey has not been easy or fast. It reminds me of the times as a youngster with my sister riding in the back seat of the family wagon, heading off for the long anticipated family vacation. My dad just kept driving for what seemed an eternity. About every half hour, we would ask 'Are we there yet?" I suspect most of us can relate to the feeling and, how that once we arrived at the long anticipated vacation oasis, we soon forgot how long the journey was, we could not remember the bumps along the way and the 'prize' was worth it all. Our BioLargo® journey is like that.

Sometimes the journey may seem a little long. Our Chief Technology Officer and inventor Ken Code was entrusted with the gift of the BioLargo Technology discovery, and the requisite responsibility for its stewardship, that comes with such a gift, more than ten years ago. I remember our first meeting back in 2004, being presented with an opportunity to do something so important for people worldwide and the diversity of its commercial applications. Ken is the man for this job, and his passion is contagious.

We certainly had a few bumps to manage with along the way. After getting organized, we advanced the science through a maze of third party proof of claims, made important discoveries along the way and filed more than 25 patent applications. That work will continue for years to come. We had a few global multi-nationals turn us away, which at the time was a hard blow, but now we see it as a blessing in disguise. Surviving the global economic crisis and being alive to thrive again as we are now, is a rare testimony to the power of a driving purpose to keep us focused on the goal. Our current work with industry leading companies that prepare to launch products into the national and global marketplace, all require a level of service, patience and dedication that is demanding and sometimes slower than we all prefer.

Is the prize worth it? You bet it is. It is important to remember that we help solve some of the world's most important problems that threaten our water, food, agriculture, healthcare and energy by delivering products and services that feature our BioLargo Technology. Our innovative technology delivers Nature's Best Solution® - free iodine, an essential nutrient and all natural broad spectrum disinfectant with no known microbial resistance, to help keep people safe from disease and infection and to help keep our water, earth, and air clean, safe, and healthy. We do all that while we balance our key goals to improve the quality of life for people worldwide, to protect the environment, and to produce positive economic results for our customers, partners, and shareholders.

Our technical capabilities and claims are accepted and recognized. As an example, you may recall, we had mentioned in prior communications that we were selected as a founding member of a new research chair at the University of Alberta sponsored by the Canadian government and joined by six of the top Canadian oil companies and the regional water district to solve the oil sands contaminated water problem in tailings ponds. Details will be available about this work very soon.

About a week ago, Harry DeLonge, our senior advisor, former top scientist and 40 year technical executive from Pepsi and life-time achievement honoree from the two leading technical societies from the Food and Beverage Industry, said it so clear and so simply: "Free iodine is the 'good-guy', and BioLargo can deliver it, [free iodine], in just about any form or fashion that industry needs to do the job." Clear? You bet it is!

So, are we there yet? In many ways, like in terms of scientific prowess and proof of claims, or in terms of building out an exceptional management team to execute the business, the answer is unequivocally yes. In terms of financial performance, the foundation is set. World events continue push industry to seek a viable sustainable alternative to the status quo and in our minds-eye, financial success appears inevitable and close at hand.

We are thankful to be part of such a worthy goal, for the exceptional team that is assembled and for you and your support for our company.

It is one of the most exciting times in the history of our journey. Please tell your friends.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dennis Calvert

Symbol: BLGO.OB

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