Thursday, 10 February 2011

BioLargo Featured on Tack and Habit Radio Show Interview for Odor-No-More Product - "Product of the Year" Winner -

Link to Radio Show Here

Manufacturer: BioLargo


A proprietary blend of micro-nutrient salts, specially selected fine kiln-dried fiber and super absorbent is blended to create the most effective ODOR and MOISTURE control product available. Simply apply a couple handfulls of Odor-No-More™ directly to the urine spots within your animals enclosure. As soiled bedding is removed blend existing product into soil throughout the enclosure and apply new product to the urine spots. Used product does not have to be removed. When using in matted stalls apply a thin layer of bedding, add a handful or two of Odor-No-MoreTM where your horse urinates then add the rest of your bedding.

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