Thursday, 14 October 2010

BioLargo's Odor-No-More (TM) wins coveted Editor's Choice Award after independent evaluation by the Horse Journal

Press Release

October 15, 2010

BioLargo’s Odor-No-MoreTM wins coveted Editor’s Choice Award after independent evaluation by the Horse Journal

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La Mirada, California (October 14, 2010) - BioLargo, Inc. (OTCBB: BLGO) today announced that its Odor-No-More Deodorizing Super-Absorbent Animal Bedding Additive™ received the top “Editor’s Choice” award from the prestigious “Horse Journal” publication, which is the industry’s leading independent and unbiased product, care and service guide for people who love horses.

“This award validates the effectiveness of our product at the highest level. Horse Journal put our product and claims through rigorous testing, directly comparing Odor-No-More against seven other leading products, concluding that they were no match for our product performance, and awarding us the top award,” stated Joe Provenzano, Odor-No-More, Inc. President. “The testing highlights our product’s money-saving and improved-health benefits.”

The Horse Journal’s research found a 50% reduction in bedding use during the product test and reported: “Our previous top pick… remains a recommended product, however in bedding reduction it was no match for Odor-No-More. We decreased our bedding use by nearly 50%. That fact was re-affirmed when we stopped using the product and quickly noticed a huge difference in the stall wetness and bedding use… If your stall deodorizer also absorbs moisture, you’re going to save money.

Provenzano added, “This award and related industry recognition opens up important new pet industry related product opportunities. We know that if you can handle the big animals, like we do, then small animals, birds and reptiles are really easy to manage with our products. With 93.6 million cats, 15 million birds, 15.9 million small animals and 13.6 million reptiles in the United States (according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association), we believe the commercial opportunities ahead are substantial.”

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