Sunday, 19 September 2010

How many wells are there in the USA? - Industry Points to Another BioLargo Technology Opportunity

  • Number of Oil Wells 363,107
  • Number of Gas Wells 460,261
  • Number of Injection Wells Estimated to Exceed: 1,500,000
  • Volume of Produced Water / Barrel of Oil Produced Water-to-Oil Ratio > 7.5 X

(** Summary Not Complete- Additional Information Coming Soon)

Number of Gas and Oil Wells Source: The US Energy Information Administration - 2008 Data
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Lee et al. (2002) report that U.S. wells produce an average of more than 7 bbl of water
for each barrel of oil produced. API’s produced water surveys in 1985 and 1995 (see Table 3-1 [of report linked below]) also demonstrated that the volume of water produced increases with the age of the crude oil production. In these surveys, API had calculated a water-to-oil ratio of approximately 7.5 barrels of water for each barrel of oil produced. For the survey of 2002 production prepared for this white paper, the water-to-oil ratio was calculated to have increased to approximately 9.5. For crude oil wells nearing the end of their productive lives, Weideman (1996) reports that water can compromise as much as 98% of the material brought to the surface. In these stripper wells, the amount of water produced can be 10 to 20 bbl for each barrel of crude oil produced. Argonne Labs Report

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