Tuesday, 25 May 2010

BioLargo Looks to Grow Odor-No-More Sales Channels- Featured in Pet Product News

BioLargo Looks to Grow Odor-No-More Sales Channels

BioLargo Inc., of La Miranda, Calif., recently completed several business developments to support sales channel growth for its Odor-No-More line of odor and moisture control products. President Dennis Calvert said the company has experienced rapid sales growth in the tack and farm channel and is poised for growth in the independent pet channel.

“What we need are good people well positioned in the marketplace to help us get the word out and move the product,” Calvert said. “We anticipate that the products have a real opportunity to become a household name.”

According to the Calvert, sales of Odor-No-More’s three original products—animal bedding for horses and farm animals, a cat litter additive, a facility and equipment wash—have climbed in the tack and farm channels since the products launched in May 2009. The company began targeting the independent pet channel with the September 2009 launch of its animal bedding additives for small animals, reptiles and birds.

“We believe the first plan of attack is to focus on distributors who support the independent retailers, which is where face-to-face customer contact is most available, and then over time develop partnerships for mass merchant merchandising,” Calvert said.

To support the current and future growth, the company recently formed Odor-No-More Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary of BioLargo. Joseph Provenzano, director and vice president of operations of BioLargo, is heading up the Odor-No-More subsidiary as president.

“It just made sense to consolidate all of that activity under a wholly owned subsidiary, because it really fits with the growth curve,” Calvert said.
In addition, BioLargo has relocated its corporate offices from Irvine, Calif., to master distributor E.T. Horn’s campus in La Mirada, Calif. The move provides Odor-No-More with the infrastructure needed to support a national roll-out, Calvert said. For example, E.T. Horn offers 14 product ship points across the United States, thus helping to reduce shipping time and cost, Calvert said.

Now the company is working on several marketing strategies for its pet products, including securing experts to provide formula and testimonial support and receiving third-party technical validation for all scientific claims.

In related news. Odor-No-More recently signed Feeders Supply, a retailer and distributor based in Louisville, Ky., to distribute Odor-No-More products to independent pet specialty retailers and farm and tack stores in Indiana and Kentucky. Feeders Supply will also carry the products in its 13 local retail stores.

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