Saturday, 27 February 2010

Odor-No-More in Thoroughbred Times - Product Spotlight

The Thoroughbred Times


Odor eliminator

The solution to the age-old problem

of dealing with expensive and

wasted bedding has arrived with

Odor-No-More,which just launched

its super-absorbent product proven

to lower costs and eliminate odor

and moisture, reduce flies, and promote

hoof health to create a cleaner,

drier, safer, and healthier stall.

BioLargo Inc.’s line of Odor-No-

More products helps owners tackle

the many unpleasant and unhealthy

consequences of urine in horse stalls

and trailers.

Odor-No-More is proven to reduce

the amount of bedding consumed

by as much as 75%. Flies

disappear as a result of eliminating

all odors that horse owners and

horses breathe. Horse hooves are

in better condition and the soil in

the stall is amended to retain and

absorb liquid. No removal is required.

With Odor-No-More, soil in the

stall is amended to absorb liquids,

wicking away urine from horses’

feet, creating quality footing. The

product also uses micro-nutrients

for odor elimination. These are the

same micro-nutrients supplied in

feed supplements as well as curative

products for many common

hoof ailments.

For more information, contact

Odor-No-More- website:

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