Sunday, 14 February 2010

Odor-No-More Reviewed at Horse Tack Review- ***** Top Rated

Odor-No-More, Inc.
Odor-No-More Products
Stable Accessories

Manufacturer: Odor-No-More, Inc.
Model: Odor-No-More Products
Category: Stable Accessories

Purchase: I board my horse at a large facility (400+ horses) in Southern California. The odor will take your breath away and it is one of the better facilities I looked at. My horse is a pig, figuratively speaking and I use 12 to 16 bags of shavings per month....or should I say I used to use 12 to 16 bags of shavings per month. I went to my local feed store Kruse Feed and the manager said I had to try Odor-No-More Bedding Additive. I have tried all the other products made from cat litter material or wood pellets and resigned not to waste my money on them again. Reluctantly I spent $40.00 + tax on this product because the Kruse staff swore by this product and the manufacturer offers a Money Back guarantee, which I found refreshing.

Likes: I followed the instructions exactly because I planned to return it and wanted to give Odor-No-More a fair shake first. I noticed within a couple MINUTES all the odor was gone! The next day, still no odor. Two handfuls a day per the instructions was not enough to do anything...or so I thought! Now several months later I use the product every day. A 10lb. bag lasted 30 days the first month and I am using less every month now. I am down to 6 to 8 bags of shavings now. As a result Odor-No-More is SAVING ME MONEY. My stall is much drier and NO ODOR. Needless to say I never returned the product and I am a huge fan now.

Dislikes: NONE

Quality: The packaging is beautiful. The 10lb. bag is easy to handle and store, although it could be a little thicker. The instructions are clear and have photos. I don't know much about product construction but it uses micro nutrients I feed my horse already to eliminate the odor.

Summary: This stuff is truly amazing. I have talked to others that use it also and they love it. I am so relieved that finally a product is available to TRULY eliminate odor. The bonus is, it actually reduces my cost every month. Even after I spend the $40 on the product! I came from the East If you have not tried it you are really missing out!

Rating: 5

Author: Clara

Date: 2010-01-27

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