Sunday, 1 November 2009

P.R.E. Pure Spanish Horse - Taste of Spain - A Celebration and Competition Sponsored by BioLargo

P.R.E. Pura Raza Espanola (Pure Spanish Horse)

BioLargo and its Odor-No-More products were the proud sponsor of this grand event held at Del Mar Horse Park.

Pomodoro and Shelly Martin
Of ET Horn
Master Distributor of Odor-No-More Products

The exciting news about the definition of a P.R.E. is that it has been expanded and updated with the creation of a new world-wide registry, P.R.E. Mundial! Incorporating the traditional quality control system of years past (including the scoring system) to aid breeders and buyers in making informed decisions, P.R.E. Mundial offers

breeders a modernized, streamlined approach to paperwork while rigorously authenticating all horses admitted to the registry. P.R.E. Mundial traces back to the horses of the original Stud Book as maintained by the Cria Caballar for 100 years, keeping the registry as authentic as that respected body envisioned. Service for Carta Mundials is speedy, less expensive and pays homage to all that was truly beloved about the Spanish registry of the past, including a beautiful world-class “carta”. Most importantly - The Foundation and the Carta Mundial truly empowers breeders and owners worldwide by providing a forum through which they can express their views and opinions on the PRE. Mundial Cartas are a revolutionary new option in registering your P.R.E. horse.

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